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  1. Hey guys! Going to start this project back up. I finally found a garage I can use til winter hits. But by then I'm hoping to have everything done that needs to be done. Sorry I haven't been around. But anyways! On to some pics I snapped today. Started messing with the deck. If anyone knows where I can get a new center pulley and idler pulley, please point me in the right direction! And bearings....I'm just going to rebuild the spindles but I'm not quite sure where to get bearings either. I may or may not also repaint the deck. Haven't made up my mind quite yet. And the first picture is my niece and nephew enjoying the Charger. They love driving it around lol.
  2. Sorry I haven't updated. I haven't even touched the Charger since I brought it home. I've been swamped at work and had surgery Thursday. But I'm young and a small surgery won't keep me from doing some work haha! Going to wash it up and wax it in the morning and also adjust the hydrostat lever if I have time.
  3. @RedRanger is that the original paint? I will be detailing it this weekend once I'm off work Saturday!
  4. Thank you @RedRanger!! Would using a medium rubbing compound and buffing wheel damage the paint at all? I have a lot of detailing products and detail all of the farm equipment, but not used to the older paint such as whats on this charger 12.
  5. What would you recommend as a cleaner, without damaging the paint? Could I wax it or just do a small detail with spray wax?
  6. Well....after starting my last project, The Raider Rat, I decided to grab another project to tinker with. It's a 1969 Wheel Horse Charger 12 Automatic Drive. Came with a 42" mid mount deck as well! Found it in the same town that I am currently living in. They also had a Raider 12....which I tried to get but I was too late at the time. This one will be either a resto mod or keeping it completely original. I'm not against fixing it then flipping it for money to put in my Raider either. It does run and drive. The hydrostat lever needs adjusted as it creeps forward once you release the clutch. A few odds and ends need to be done but it's a great unit so far. The deck needs a new spindle and pulley so I'm hoping I can find those easily. I would like to do the normal full service on it also. As always...on to the pics!!
  7. jcp0420

    Raider 12 Rat!

    Got hired full time as of yesterday! So once all the rain decides to leave central IL I will be getting to cleaning out the shed. I am also going to pick up the charger 12 tomorrow. I will probably start a new build thread but I plan on keeping it original and using it for mowing. But it still needs a couple things. So be on the look out for the new thread and pictures....tons of pictures!
  8. jcp0420

    Raider 12 Rat!

    Updating everyone since I went MIA... Trying to close a deal on 2 wheel horses at the moment. One is a raider 12 and the other is a charger 12. Both all original and will be tucking those away for awhile. Going to start working on the Rat whenever I get a chance to clean out the shed at my home. I'm working 6 days a week right now and about to wrap up my internship with Kubota. For now though I may be MIA for while longer.
  9. jcp0420

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    Flex head ratchet wrenches and stubby ratchet wrenches. I use both these on a daily basis!
  10. jcp0420

    Raider 12 Rat!

    Until further notice....(couple months at the earliest) I'm done with this build and updates. I'm stressed out to the max on this thing. It will be taken home and stuck in the shed til the weather warms up and I can get my wood shop/shed cleaned out to move it there. While on my mini vacation from it I will be gathering parts to rebuild it. And also searching for an RJ as I would like to make that my next ratty build. Parts I will be gathering: Different motor ( Thinking about a Predator 420cc) Parts to live axle swap Tons of metal for one off parts and also I would like to stretch the frame a little. New wheels/ tires Maybe some other off the wall things. As before when I started this thread I made a list so I wouldn't forget what I had planned. I will post pics again of another tear down and get more in depth of the build this time. I should've done all this the first time lol. But you live and learn. But I will still be active as much as possible learning new things about wheel horses every day.
  11. jcp0420

    Raider 12 Rat!

    The one that broke was already on the motor. It was the starting pulley. I had cracked it earlier on in the build and cant find another. Seems to be an obsolete part. It has a special bolt pattern and recreating isnt going to be easy but can be done. As for the other pulley that is a spoke design, I see nothing wrong with it. It has held up this far and wont be changed.
  12. jcp0420

    Raider 12 Rat!

    Yep. Sadly thats the stock pulley as well. Im going to buy another a drill my own holes. I'm not sure when though so it will be a paper weight til then! This is the starting pulley that I had re welded and assured it was going to work. I guess I may as well fix it now lol You know, you arent the first person to tell me this. This was only supposed to be a cruiser. Nothing super fast nor race worth. More of a rat rod. But I will be re doing all the pulleys and adding a few closer to this summer hopefully.
  13. jcp0420

    Raider 12 Rat!

    SO this happened today. We were about to take it on its first drive also!
  14. jcp0420

    Raider 12 Rat!

    I Need one like that....IS that an RJ?
  15. jcp0420

    Raider 12 Rat!

    May as well be! The have 3 refrigerators in there as well!