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  1. Jeff_B

    Snowthrower attachment 06-36SL01

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  2. NOS snowthrower attachment, model 06-36SL01, fits 200-series WH tractors. NOS (new-old stock) never been used or even mounted. Needs work from having been banged around and stored outside for many years, some surface rust, belt is missing, pics tell the story. First $150 takes it. Email W1HYN@yahoo.com.
  3. A couple questions for the 'seasoned' WH enthusiasts. This is regarding the mower deck on my C-101 8-speed. The 36-inch deck works fine right now, but I wouldn't mind having an extra set of spindles on hand 'just in case' (it uses 103119). What's the best source for these spindles? Also pulleys with bearings. Obviously, I want parts that'll last, not fail quickly. Especially important for parts that have sealed bearings, and I suspect there are a lot of 'bargain' junk parts out there. Second, someone is selling a 48-inch deck, locally on Craigslist. "Never hurts to have a spare," my father used to say. Even though it would fit the machine, is this mower WAY too taxing for my 10-hp tractor? (I suspect so.) Could I get away with using a 42-inch deck? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  4. Jeff_B

    Kohler 10hp backfiring

    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and that's exactly what I have...so I really appreciate the advice. This is a 40-year old tractor but doesn't look like it's ever been used very hard. That's a good thing, but I suppose that can also lead to excessive carbon buildup. I would rather wait until the end of the season before I take the head off, if at all. My philosophy is to take things apart only as much as necessary. Although I realize it might be necessary. Anything special I should know about removing the head, other than cleaning the mating surfaces and using a new gasket when I reassemble? I did order a set of OEM Kohler points and condenser yesterday. I figured that if I'm going to check them, I might as well replace them, since they're probably original to the machine. The fuel lines, filter and pump were all new last year, and look good. The cap is old, I'll have check that out, but I saw plenty of gas going through the see-through filter. I'll try adjusting the carburetor, since you suggested it, but I'm generally reluctant to tinker with those adjustments on my own. I'll do that after the points and condenser are replaced (and points adjusted). I gave the auto parts store the right spark plug number, they cross-referenced it and sold me an Autolite 216. I assume that's right but I really don't know. I'll change out the oil to straight 30 weight. I assume 10w-30 is good for fall-winter-spring? I plan to use it to plow or snowblow this winter. Again thanks everyone, for taking the time to answer me. Can't promise this is my last question though!
  5. Jeff_B

    Kohler 10hp backfiring

    Need help! Had an 'interesting' problem while using my new-old horse today (1978 C-101 with Kohler 10hp, 36” rear discharge, see my posts in the 'tractor' section). I'd like to get some opinions on what it might be. First of all, it performed like a champ. My lawn was VERY high and thick (not mowed since Independence Day because my old mower had broken down). The tractor was plugging right though it, though. Generally in 2nd gear, sometimes in 1st through the heaviest stuff. It was hot out too, about 90 degrees and you could tell the tractor was working really hard. After about an hour, the engine sounded like it was laboring a little more than it had been, then it stalled. When I tried to restart it, it wouldn't catch, but would backfire as it was cranking. Finally it caught but only ran for a few seconds. When I tried to restart it again, it did the same thing, backfiring while cranking. This time it didn't seem like it was going to start so I pushed it back to the house. After an hour of cooling down, it started right up and ran perfectly. I mowed for another half hour without incident. One more thing. A couple seconds after I shut off the engine, and it's stopped altogether, it will backfire, just once. I changed (and gapped) the spark plug and changed the air filter when I got the tractor a couple days ago. Could this be an ignition problem (points, condenser, coil) or carburetor? What about that golden oldie, vapor lock? I think that single backfire upon shut down might be related. Any ideas? THANKS!
  6. Jeff_B

    1978 C-101

    Nice job! Yes, agree. I'll plan to spruce mine up. But this will be a work tractor, so probably no new paint. Hope the dull finish polishes out, and the wheels benefit from just a good cleaning and polishing. I need new tires, at least on the back. The guy had chains on because the original tires have gone 'glossy' and lost their grip. I don't know where the decals on the side of the hood went, but I'd like to find some. One of my parts tractors has headlights so I'll plan to add those (thought all 'C' series had lights, but not this one). New pics as work progresses!
  7. Jeff_B

    1978 C-101

    Okay, as promised, here's my 'new' horse, fresh off the pickup truck. I had a few tractors to look at, but ended up buying the first one I saw (that's good because I really didn't want to spend the whole weekend chasing all over!) It's a '78 C-101 8-speed with 36" rear-discharge. It was in really good shape, looks lightly used, and already had a lot of maintenance and new parts (and the work was done right). Plus, the price was too good to pass up. $350 and that included a nice, heavy gauge dump trailer. I'll fiddle around with it some, but it's pretty much good to go. I already have a snow/dozer blade and rototiller attachments, wheel weights and chains, and a soft-sided cab. Plus two parts tractors. I want to get a snow blower attachment so I'm sure I'll be looking for some advice on that. Only real problem is that you have to use the steering wheel to make it turn. Doesn't respond to 'gee' and 'haw.'
  8. Yeah, I always wondered what the big difference was between the B and C series. Not a BIG difference I guess. I plan to look at a 1978 C-101 this weekend. Nothing else on the radar at this point. It's a Kohler, but wish it had the 12hp. I'd love to be able to use a 48" mower, I have a lot to mow. Although one of my parts tractors has a 12, so who knows. If I get this, I'll definitely want a snow blower attachment for this winter. I'll keep you posted. THANKS everyone, for the advice to this (sort of) newbie!
  9. New to the Forum, but we've had a B-100 in the family for almost 40 years (also picked up a C-121 along the way). Both are worn out, parts tractors now. A few questions for the forum. How do the B & C series machines of the 1970s 'match up' to the 300 and 400 series that came later? Are they equivalent, are most parts interchangeable? How about attachments? The 'tach-a-matic' front pulley and PTO clutch look the same as what I have on letter series. I have a roto-tiller and dozer/snow blade that fit the B-100. I also have (I believe) a 200-series snow thrower. Can that be used on the bigger tractors, or easily adapted? Doesn't look it. I imagine the Kohler engine is superior to the B&S, but is the B&S that's used on the Horses good too? I'm scanning Craigslist for a local WH for sale. I've found a few and would appreciate any advice on these topics. I apologize in advance if these questions have already been asked and I can't find the answers. THANKS!