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  1. Phil53

    parts manual

    I'm looking for a parts manual for a 1986 310-8 does anyone have one or can tell me where to locate one I looked on the sections of manuals might have overlooked it but didn't see one. I looking for the number for the drive belt By the way I just finished rebuilding a K241 thanks from the help on this site and the engine manual Thanks for the help
  2. Phil53

    k241 rebuild

    I'm trying to rebuild my first motor I'm to the o seal and the manual suggest using sleeves to installed, i'm wondering if it is possible to to it without the special tools since i don't have them any ideas
  3. Phil53

    engine rebuild

    prondz I never got that involved in repairs usually just the little repairs though I never tore one apart I think I'm going to rebuild it and see how it goes will keep me busy this winter
  4. Phil53

    engine rebuild

    this is my first post, I have a 1986 310 with a 241S Kohler engine that has serve me well. It needs a rebuild and was wondering how hard they are to rebuild. I never tackle a task like this before, also does anyone know where you can buy a short block