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  1. mikekot3

    How to remove mower deck pulleys

    I buy a lot of new parts from www.partstree.com They are in texas and do a fine job.
  2. mikekot3

    ariens simplicity regent ex deck belt damage

    Hello Gwest, Thank you for the feedback. The owner of the tractor remembered that she had owners and service manuals for the tractor. It turns out I had the belt routed incorrectly. Please find enclosed the pictures from the mower deck manual.
  3. I am working on an a Ariens Simplicity Regent EX with a 48 inch deck. I tuned it up and changed the oil and put on new blades. I then cut the lawn about ten minutes before it broke the deck belt. I bought a new ariens belt and finished the lawn. I noticed that the new belt is being chewed up by the tensioning pulley or the bracket could be bent that holds it to the deck. Please find enclosed some pictures of the tractor and the damaged belt and odd angle of the tensioning pulley. I do not know if the belt is routed correctly. Perhaps that is the issue? Please advise, Mike
  4. I did disconnect the ignition kill wire to the coils but it made no change. I took apart all the connections to the dash area and cleaned them with my terminal brush tools and put dielectric grease on them. The tractor now runs fine. Basically I had a bunch of voltage drops to take care of. I will now figure out which terminal pair I have in the wrong spot in the 9 way molex connetor. I bought an old wiring harness to compare to. What terminals are used at the fuse box so I can replace them them?
  5. Thanks Howie for the feedback. I asked small engine warehouse via email for a better diagram but no response yet. I was worried I would snap off the terminal on the coils as it were very tight. I sprayed some lube on it let it soak in. I will try starting it with out the kill wire off also. I learned that trick on youtube's "Taryl fixes all" . He is funny and I learned a lot from him. Also the correct ignition switch is Toro 103990 about 25 dollars at the dealer for my application.
  6. I have not gotten a reply back from small engine warehouse as of 8/16/2018 evening. I bought two Briggs and Stratton ignition spark testers. When cranking the engine I saw no spark. I took the engine shroud off and tested the ignition coils. With my Fluke 88 dvom I measured the ignition coils at 6.35 K ohms each approximately. The service manual did not show a specification that I could find. I checked the two inline diodes to the coils. I got about .5 volts and OL when I reversed the leads on both diodes. My assumption that this is good thus far. The ignition switch is original to the tractor. It has five terminals on it but only four are used. I cleaned the switch terminals with a wire brush and added some dielectric grease. My thoughts are that I need to check for voltage at each position on the switch key off and then in crank and start. Then do a voltage drop to the starter. There are a bunch of safety interlocks I need to figure out also. Please advise if I made any errors and if I am on the right track or not.
  7. mikekot3

    416 wiring harness

    Thanks for the spare chassis wiring harness for my 416-8 tractor. I am sure I will have it in a few days.
  8. mikekot3

    416 wiring harness

    Hi Richmondred, What year of 416-8 wiring harness do you have? Is the 9 way connector corroded and any other damage? I have an Onan application tractor. Thank you, Mike mkotarba@Hotmail.com
  9. very nice shop 953nut !
  10. Another very nice tractor woo hoo !
  11. Yes I was wondering why the diagram did not show the relays either. There are two I believe on the engine. I will ask them the send me a diagram that show them if they will give it to me. That would really help. Garry
  12. If need be I will get the kit that has the ignition switch on the engine itself if it comes to that.
  13. Yes I asked them about that Lee. They said it would work fine in a 416 tractor. I have a briggs and Stratton spark tester coming on sunday to narrow it down the problem areas.
  14. I will take a look at the switch this weekend. The engine as provided by small engine warehouse has relays mounted to it. Here is a diagram they provided to me for their harness. small engine warehouse wiring diagram D_WH520-Wire-BV.PDF