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  1. Maxie

    Steering wheel

    Looking for a steering wheel for a C-161 Wheel Horse. Thanks.
  2. I hope to attend the show next month and I was wondering if anyone had stayed at the campgrounds close to the show. Can anyone tell me anything about them? Thanks.
  3. Maxie

    Can't Find Regulator/Rectifier

    Thanks 953 and Rmaynard. You helped me a lot.
  4. Maxie

    Can't Find Regulator/Rectifier

    Restoring my C-161 with a K341 16HP Kohler. The part number is 101450 or Stens # 435-084. I can't find one anywhere. I found a 237335 that looks like it and is Stens # 435-024. It is a 15amp also. Will this work for me? Thanks.
  5. Hi. I'm looking for an 6.50-8 wheel for my C-161 I am restoring.  Do you have one?

  6. Hey Glen.  Do you not carry the wheel cover clips anymore?



    1. GlenPettit


      Yes,  but I can not find them listed there now,

      don't know what's happening, listed items just vanish . . . ?

      ••• A set of four clips is just $3, it's recommended you have

           four clips on each Wheel Cover, shipping would be $3

           for however many you order (if payment via PayPal, add 5%).

      I've noticed that many items have gone missing, will get the posts

      returned this week, sorry, and thanks for letting me know.



  7. Maxie

    Name that part

    That's the part Garry. Thanks for your help guys. Now that I see where it goes and remember taking it off now.
  8. Maxie

    Name that part

    It's for a 1991 312-8 Classic.
  9. Maxie

    Name that part

    Could someone please tell me what this part is and show me where it goes? I took it off my tractor 2 years ago when I started fixing it up and I can't remember where it goes. (It's an age thing.) Thanks.
  10. Maxie

    horse and hound

    Nice tractor. Where did you get the chrome muffler?
  11. Maxie

    Paint Color Code

    I am not repainting the complete tractor. Just the mower deck and the running boards. The tractor has faded some and I was wondering what paint some of you have used the comes close to matching the rest of the tractor.