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  1. Texas Todd

    Tractor Lift

    It takes about 40 foot pumps to get my table raised. I like the pneumatic!!
  2. Texas Todd

    Tractor Lift

    That looks familiar! Well done!
  3. Texas Todd

    Stack Install!!!

    @jimkemp does a great job on stacks. I have three tractors with them and they all sound great. It appears the mufflers are shorter than mine. Jim, have you changed the guts again, allowing them to be shorter?
  4. Texas Todd

    Hood Ornaments

    Okay. Thanks.
  5. Texas Todd

    Hood Ornaments

    How are they attached to the hood?
  6. Texas Todd

    "What's it worth?" 5 tractor mega deal!

    I bought a 16-38 (I think that was the model) for $50 and cleaned the carb and sold it for $450 in two days. Don't discount it. I have made many trips out of state to get a but there was also an ulterior motive. My Dad is in his 80's and it gives us some road trips to remember. I went on one rustlin up to Missouri last year without him and it wasn't the same. Didn't even stay the night. 15 hours round trip. He still talks about the trips from time to time asking if I finished this one or that one. @elliot ness was a real hoot for us both to meet. I may have to sell my D Loader and deliver it so we can have another road trip.... You can't go wrong at a grand.
  7. Texas Todd

    My GT14

    That's a good woman!!!
  8. How's everything down your way, and a loader on a 4X4 maybe.

    1. Texas Todd

      Texas Todd

      All is well my friend! Haven't been up your way in a while!

    2. elliot ness

      elliot ness

      Come on up and get your self a C195.

    3. Texas Todd

      Texas Todd

      Looks like a winner. Moving this summer.... Good news 4 times the room, bad news is too busy for new projects til fall at the earliest.


      Will be trading/selling a couple D's, one running with a loader and the  other is a roller/parts tractor. 

  9. Texas Todd

    My GT14

    Your attention to detail is admirable.
  10. Did you ever finish painting this beast? We would like to see it in action at least.
  11. Texas Todd

    Happy birthday Todd!

    Thanks Oliver. I hope there are many more opportunities for you!!! 👍
  12. Texas Todd

    My GT14

    Sleep on it. I have been there.....
  13. Texas Todd

    Happy birthday Todd!

    Thanks guys. Another year above ground temperature is a good thing!!!
  14. He's about my size and will have a nice place to go when the little woman is on a tear.