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    Wood working , old tools to use not sit on a shelf and look pretty. Working on a 1984 El Camino S S. Cutting grass

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  1. elcamino/wheelhorse

    Picked up a 1054

    Now I have to find someone else to pick on and lie about .@squonk made me type that.
  2. elcamino/wheelhorse


    I really like your work. I wished I lived near you so I could visit and the projects you are working on.
  3. elcamino/wheelhorse

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    How many beers?
  4. elcamino/wheelhorse

    Not Fla but

    @JAinVA Well Jim just proves tall Virginia pines are no match the wind. Hopefully there was not too much damage. The way the wind was blowing up here I thought I was going to find all the roof shingles in the neighbors yards. Got lucky and just had to pick up a few small branches .
  5. elcamino/wheelhorse

    Anybody on Disability?

    @RandyLittrell Randy I had to take disability in 2006 due to a fractured vertebrate . Based on my experience here is what I know . You can not be working at any job. A doctor has to write a boat load of stuff explaining you can not work at your profession and may have to include why you can't be trained to do something else. Get all of this done and go to a law firm that specializes in Social Security Disability Claims. I about drove my self nuts trying to do the work myself. I was turned down the first time. Lawyer got me disability in about 4 weeks. There is a set amount of money that a lawyer can charge for handling your claim. Social Security will back pay you. Say for example you quit working Nov.1 of this year and it takes 6 months for Social Security to say ok you are disabled. They will back pay you for the entire time. After 2 years of disability you are eligible for Medicare no matter what your age. Are your a veteran ? If so try to get health benefits from the VA.
  6. elcamino/wheelhorse

    Somebody stole the BFH

    Hate to see the size of the guy that walked off with that BFH.
  7. elcamino/wheelhorse

    New Neighbors

    Sorry for loss of your view , but it sure beats a Walmart or a huge subdivision in your back yard.
  8. elcamino/wheelhorse

    What is happening to Wheel Horse part prices??

    @WHX21 I think someone is a trouble maker @WVHillbilly520H is not a hillbilly he is a Virginia Gentleman by his adopted home here.
  9. elcamino/wheelhorse

    What Other sites Like Craigslist do you Use?

    I look at RS for my stuff . Don't use Craig's list ,too many people get shot down here using Craig's list.
  10. elcamino/wheelhorse

    Spark Plugs

    @pfrederi and @JAinVA have you all tried the E3 plugs ? Use them in blower , push mower etc , wish I could find for the Horse. There does not seem to be a cross to the Champions last time I looked.
  11. elcamino/wheelhorse

    How do you pick up / put down / move around your heavy engines?

    @WVHillbilly520H and @ebinmaine I have the same hoist , I like the way you can adjust the width of the front wheels . Narrow width for storage and wide for lifting. Works great. Eric check out estate sales .
  12. elcamino/wheelhorse

    Spark Plugs

    @pfrederi and @JAinVA what plugs do you guys use?
  13. elcamino/wheelhorse

    A-60 Pics

    @WHX21 I think you have a problem . Too much money on hand burning a hole in your pocket . Send me some I have bills to pay and none for a horse.
  14. elcamino/wheelhorse

    Commando 8 VS Commando V8

    @Racinbob That is strange about the regulator mounting. I have my Dad's Commando 800 and the regulator is hidden in the tower. I know that the Commando 800 came with 10 inch rear rims and 6 inch front rims. Not sure about the 73 8 hp no name.
  15. elcamino/wheelhorse

    Commando 8 VS Commando V8

    Welcome to Red Square , I don't think it is a Commando 800 , the finned regulator was hidden behind the tower. It was not exposed like the photo you sent. My guess would be a 73 no name.