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    1956 RJ 35
    1964 854
    1965 855
    1960 Suburban 550-Custom
    1961 Suburban 551-Custom
    3 RJ -58's
    Suburban 400
    1968 Lawn Ranger
    877 Automatic
    Work Horse 700
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    Danbury, CT.
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    Antique and classic outboards and race boats. Working on and having fun with Wheel Horse's.
    My list of tractors is of Wheel Horse's I've owned, not what is currently in my stable. I don't want to lose track of what has been here!

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  1. Ken! Delete some of your messages, trying to get a hold of you!

    1. Gregg


      I'm looking to get a hold of fabricator 

  2. I live in a sleepy, quiet, private neighborhood, most neighbors I know by name. For yrs. I never had a problem and then I began to have two... First one, someone's dog was all of a sudden pooping in my front yard on a daily basis. From the evidence left behind it appeared to be a large dog being fed table scraps or canned dog food. Not a pretty site to say the least. I finally snagged the dog and its owner and confronted him at his house a few minutes after the crime. New guy to the neighbor hood. He lied and said he doesn't walk his dog up the road near my house. I told him if he wanted he could come up to my house and watch the video, On the video you could see him watching his dog do it and I told him so. At first he refused to come clean it up, but after I reminded him that payback is a ****** he did clean that mess up. Second problem I began to have was even worse. Someone was throwing used condoms in my side yard. I was finding them every Saturday morning. I relocated one of my video cameras and sat watching the monitor on Friday night. To my surprise a car pulls to the side of the road at 11 pm and shut its lights off. I waited about 15 minutes and then went outside, snuck around the back of the car and walked up to the drivers door. I recognized the car, it belonged to a neighbor that lived at the end of my street. It wasn't the guy who lived at the end of the street that was inside, it was his grandson and apparently the kids girl friend. I could tell they had just "wrapped things up" When I was looking thru the car talking to the kid who was in the passenger seat I saw a used condom dangling from my fence which runs along my side yard. I told the kid there will be no more parking along side my yard, he nervously replies, yes sir no problem. I then pointed to the 'left over' dangling from my fence and told him to take care of that and that I really didn't appreciate all the others he left behind. He then replies oh, that's not mine. I say's ok, lets go wake up grandpa and we can explain to him what's going on here and I began walking up the road. He then yells no please don't do that! I tell him clean it up, yes sir is the reply. Now, I know his grandfather , but he didn't know that. His grandfather is a real good guy, a real big guy to and he don't put up with nonsense... That kid was lucky grandpa didn't have to get out of bed that night... No more problems.....
  3. Ken B

    project pud puller build

    That sure has come a long way, looks real nice. Wheres the video?
  4. Looks pretty cool. I was hoping you were gonna relocate the fuel tank, looks much better now. I'm not a Wisconsin expert but I can help you in naming this new tractor... "Shake-n-Break"
  5. A bike with a side car would be the bomb...
  6. The turkey's are cool but what is the White looking Anaconda in the middle of your first pic? Looks like the Turks were walking towards him or it? And then they turned and ran for the hills?
  7. Ken B

    Is this a famous tractor?

    Story could very well be true, seems odd some one would make that story up but ya never know. I'd clean it up, get it running and paint the rims and throw a new seat cover on and enjoy it.
  8. Ken B

    Happy Birthday Aldon

    I think I'm late to the party but all the same, Happy Birthday!
  9. Ken B

    New Wheel Horse Hauler

    Very nice trailer, looks like the builder has plenty of pride in his work...
  10. Ken B

    Grandpa's 753

    Yup, I'd leave that one alone. It looks real nice and has grandpa's finger prints all over it. Maybe a light clean up and a repaint of the rims. Of course, my opinion only.. If you can use it too push snow I think you'd be quite surprised at how strong a pusher it is.
  11. Ken B

    Grandpa's 753

    How about some more pictures? If that is the original paint I think I'd leave it alone...
  12. Ken B

    No Idea What I'm Doing!

    In my opinion your father in laws offer isn't too far off. Personally speaking I don't think your neighbor should have gotten involved and said your father in law is low balling you. That only creates family friction. Much has to do with how you and your father in law get along.....
  13. Ken B

    Value of 1965 lawn tractor

    No body gets bent over quite like us guys in CT. do, and that is a well known fact. As far as tractor prices go in CT.... There are a few guys in these parts that ask all the money but in most cases these particular sellers deal in mostly very mint and or rare machines. I think its the guys in the surrounding states to CT. that are payin the price.... I think the up and coming tractors that everyone is gonna be after is the nice original square hoods. They are plentiful and still affordable. Mikes Horsebarn's 855 at 750.00 (maybe even a little less) is a great deal. It looks to be a very nice restoration...
  14. Ken B

    702 Appraisal

    Not this one.....