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  1. valleyboy

    engine for sale

    How to close posts?
  2. This engine has been bored .030 and has new internal parts installed. I purchased it from a man who was restoring a tractor and had the machine work and build up completed by a local machine shop. Part way through the restoration he decided to quit and sell off the parts he had completed. I have a Wheel Horse C120A that the engine lost a piston and I thought I could replace the k301 with the k321. As it turned out this engine has a cub oil pan and the pan from my k301 was not compatible. I repaired my k301 and now have this engine for sale. I removed the head and pan in order to take these pictures. The original piston and rod is with it and a rebuilt carb. It has new points, and the used coil. It is minus the shroud and the governor linkage. I had planned to use them off of my K301.
  3. valleyboy

    c120 hydro

    I understand the accelerator valves should be checked. Is it necessary to drain the trans to check these?
  4. valleyboy

    engine Identification

    The engine I was trying to Identify that has K / 5 on the block. By measuring the original piston we have determined the bore was 3.500, and that is what a K321's factory bore is, therefore this engine is a K321. Thanks Bob
  5. Is removing axel seals and replacing them difficult? Problems with worn key slot in hub. If having slot relocating In different location the set screw would not have as much metal depth? Is this a problem? better to find good used.
  6. engine identification?  Pictures

  7. Engine Identification?




  8. valleyboy

    engine Identification

    engine number cast into block behind drive pulley is K / 5 ? any body shine any light on this / Thanks Bob
  9. valleyboy

    Engine identifcation

    I have a kohler engine which I bought as a K321. It is minus the shroud so I don't have the model number. It has a 3 & 7/16 piston. It has K / 5 cast in cylinder block. Need to know if this is a k321. Bob
  10. valleyboy

    K301 Engine

    According to Garry's message serial # 1525265651 was built in 1986. I purchased this tractor in 1991 so I now believe it was short blocked prior to my purchase. Trying to Identify before ordering needed piston/ring set. another message noted that it must have been short blocked. Thanks everyone for the help- Bob
  11. valleyboy

    engine parts

    Any info on using aftermarket piston/ring set successfully verses using a Kohler set. There is quite a difference in price. Bob
  12. valleyboy

    Kohler K301

    I have a kohler K301 on my c120 . I need a piston and ring set for it. When trying to order it on line they can't identify the engine with the spec numbers on the factory sticker. I know the tractor is a 1975. The speck # on the shroud is 4752237 and the serial # is 1525265651. Not shure how to proceed with this and order the correct parts Thanks Bob
  13. valleyboy

    Identifying big block Kohler block styles

    adapting a big block oil pan to small block engine. wondering if a adapter plate could be made to accomplish this ? the thickness of the adapter plate would have to be milled off of the oil pan height to maintain the original engine height. and be bolted up to the small block engine with counter sunk holes and provide the missing lugs with holes for attachment to the big block pan.???
  14. valleyboy

    Identifying big block Kohler block styles

    c120 engine swap .I bought a rebuilt kohler 14 hp and intended to install it on my c120 which had a 12 hp from factory. after reviewing your info I discovered as you noted the 12 hp is a big block. The 14 hp engine is a small block and it looks like the large oil pan from the 12 hp wont work on the small block 14 hp. I don't have the 12 removed from the tractor yet but if the large bloc pan won't work on the small block pan I won't be able to use the small block engine. Thanks for your info. I should have checked this out before I bought the 14 hp. If so I will sell the 14 hp. Hoped it would work out to get tractor back in service for cutting grass. Thanks again. Bob
  15. valleyboy

    valley boy

    any problems replacing a K301 with a K321 on a c120 hydro ?