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  1. Justanotherhorseguy603

    Hooked up and getting ready Show your rigs

    Well getting stuff dry fitted. The 12 auto is still subject to change but the 603 and trailer are deff.
  2. Justanotherhorseguy603

    Hooked up and getting ready Show your rigs

    Bring everything! You and the kids will love it! Make a memory.... if I brought everything I would need a bigger trailer and I would be looking for a new wife haha. We are at least bringing 2 tractors. Next time we will see about bringing more!
  3. Justanotherhorseguy603

    New England / CT Caravan Meeting Info for Big Show !!

    Well all else fails we were planning on going to gettysburg while we were there we may just head that way first.
  4. Justanotherhorseguy603

    New to the "BIG SHOW"

    This will be my first year at the show. What time can we get there on Thursday?
  5. Justanotherhorseguy603

    New England / CT Caravan Meeting Info for Big Show !!

    I was planning on being on the road before that but may be interested in meeting up with you guys. I will let you guys know if we do end up deciding to join you. What time can we get there Thursday?
  6. Justanotherhorseguy603

    Hooked up and getting ready Show your rigs

    This will be my first show. Traveling all the way from Western mass looking like a 7 hour trip without stops. I will only have my small trailer with my 603 and one other tractor behind my 2011 tundra. Debating about my 12 auto or my bronco 14 (I know its the feature tractor). The bronco transmission started acting weird so I may opt for the 12 auto. I will be the guy wrangling 3 kids.
  7. Justanotherhorseguy603

    HF Motorcycle Lift, GT14

    I have been thinking about getting one of these but now I'm a little leary. Last thing I want is for it to tip over or fall off the top. Maybe I will keep looking or make one. Thanks for all the info
  8. Justanotherhorseguy603

    Seat pan, suggestions on how to cut???

    Know anyone with a cnc water jet? My dad has one at work. Needless to say he spoils me and my friends when we need something cut.
  9. Justanotherhorseguy603

    Hydraulic help on my Bronco

    I had to have the exact hose made up for mine. Cost me 45 bucks (they said due to fittings since they had to combine 2 to get what I needed for the bend). I was able to get it made at a auto parts store near my house.
  10. Justanotherhorseguy603

    New member of the herd

    Nice tractor. You could put a 48 on it and that engine wouldn't know.
  11. Justanotherhorseguy603

    Newbie from Massachusetts

    Thanks jake. Not sure why I hadnt joined sooner. Wayne has been asking me I hadn't joined. Wallfish I will have my 603 with me with my tub cart loaded with my 3 kids and possibly one other tractor for my wife to ride on.
  12. Justanotherhorseguy603

    Newbie from Massachusetts

    Oh well you know. Couple in the garage, couple in the shed, few hidden behind each 2 or 3 tucked away in the bushes out of site. She knows I have them in fact she has her own but she just hasn't stopped to count them recently.
  13. Justanotherhorseguy603

    Newbie from Massachusetts

    Hey everyone,I have been a wheelhorse owner for probably 5 years now and have gone from 1 to 13 (don't tell my wife, I have them hidden around here). I currently use my bronco 14 to mow with and haul my firewood trailer in the winter, my 12 automatic I use for towing duties threw out the year and some mowing here and there, winter time it sees the most work plowing snow like a champ, I am 95% done on a frame up restoration on my 603. It was a complete basket case rust bucket when I got it but with a little time and help from some great friends and family it's almost ready to show at this year's Pennsylvania show. It will be our first trip down. I have met some great people in this community and I'm not sure why it took so long for me to join. If anyone is from Western mass feel free to hit me up.Matt
  14. Justanotherhorseguy603

    New England New Guy

    Sprocket I just joined and am from Western mass. Are you anywhere near there?