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  1. Brian01

    Antique Fire Extenguisher

    Have an antique hand pump Fire Extenguisher made from copper/brass. Can still read all writing on it..in great shape, although it is empty. Seen several on EBay in alot worse shape selling for $175 +. First $50 + shipping buy this one. Please call or text if interested.
  2. Brian01

    5hp side shaft Tecumseh

    Old 5 hp Tecumseh for parts or repair...really don't know much about it other than it turns free, top of gas tank is cracked...is missing the spark plug, muffler, and air breather. MAKE OFFER! Local pickup preferred. But will ship at buyers expense.
  3. Brian01

    Seat Time

    Stock that baby with some catfish n put a rod holder on your horse, get some seat time that way!
  4. Brian01

    Suburban Find

    He never has came back, dunno if ima get it or not.
  5. Brian01

    Suburban Find

    Update : came by the house today n I made an offer on it..said he might be back later. We"ll see.
  6. Brian01

    Suburban Find

    I'm gonna try n get in touch with him tomorrow. Fingers crossed
  7. Brian01

    Suburban Find

    A feller stopped me the other day n said he had an old Wheel Horse in pieces in the back of his truck n that I needed to come look see if I wanted it...can tell by the hood that it's a suburban, has throttle n choke on the hood. Toolbox and Fenders are straight...actually the best part of it, probably..transmission is pretty much froze solid, missing one side cover. Hood it pretty good other than around gas cap hole. Engine is there, looks to be originally front and rear wheels and tires..thinking may purchase it just because I know someone will want to by the fenders and toolbox, seat as well. We'll just have to see
  8. Brian01

    SOLD! RJ steering block

    One more bump..$15 + shipping...surely someone out there needs/wants this
  9. Brian01

    SOLD! RJ steering block

    Bump...anyone interested?
  10. Brian01


    Those replacement seats like that are freaking outrageous.. My neighbor bought one for his JD, almost just like that. cost him like $300-400 which is nuts. Triedtelling him I could find one cheaper but has more money than sense. LoL Oh and nice scores Barry, you lucky dog!
  11. Brian01

    TomTom GPS

  12. Brian01

    TomTom GPS

    Bump..Still for sale
  13. Brian01

    Lawn Ranger

    Wonder if he's my grandpa too? lol no, you are a lucky duck though, if i were you, i would proudly accept and...
  14. Brian01

    My First wheelhorse

    Welcome! Was also gettin ready to ask....how much you give for it??? That sucker looks good! Like the tires!
  15. Brian01


    Wish I wouldn't have had to sale my 58!