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  1. pgenesta


    Great info and thank you for the picture. "If I knew then what I know now"...I would not have ordered a new chain and a chain breaker since all it probably needed is an adjustment. But hey, now I have a spare chain and a new tool! Cleat, thank you for the suggestion. Thank you guys.
  2. pgenesta


    Peter, I did not see an "adjustment bolt" on the manual that I have. Where is it located?
  3. pgenesta


    Tractor Supply it is...Thank you all for the quick response.
  4. pgenesta


    Good morning to all, Where can I buy a replacement chain for a WH snowblower model # 06-42ST01?
  5. pgenesta

    Front End Loader

    953 nut, you hit the mark when you said 'If you want it to move a few light things around and to have a real KOOL looking the C-81 will be fine". That's what I need if for, light duty, a couple of loads with the mulch here and there.
  6. pgenesta

    Front End Loader

    Did they make a fel for the C-81? The 8 hp Kohler is original to the tractor and I may need to rebuild it or replace soon. So, if I can find a fel that will fit, I would look to replace the 8 with a 12 hp Kohler.
  7. pgenesta

    Front End Loader For A C-81

    Thanks for responding. There was a member who has one on his C-81 but I don't remember who it was.
  8. pgenesta

    Front End Loader For A C-81

    Good morning to all. Looking for a fel for a 1979 C-81 (91-08K802-16471).
  9. pgenesta

    Front End Loader

    WHX21, thank you for your guidance.
  10. pgenesta

    Front End Loader

    Good morning to all. Looking for a fel for a 1979 C-81 (91-08K802-16471).
  11. Good afternoon to all. A thank you to the following for the warm welcome: KC9KAS, Digger 66, Tractor boy, Machineguy. To gwest_ca, the info you provided came in handy, thank you. I picked this one up on Thanksgiving weekend (2014 or 2015) for $340.00 and it came with a mower deck and snow blower. All had model and serial number tags and no rust except for the lower sections of the blower that is repairable. It have taken the better part of 3 years to restore it from the ground up which, was a first for me especially at my age. This project gave me the opportunity to purchase new tools (HEE HEE) that I needed and did not have. The seller said that it had been sitting (outside) for a number of years but guaranteed that it would start without a problem. 3 years into the project it did start! I have since picked up a B series that I get to play with and keep the C-81 in my man cave/work shop, otherwise refereed to as my place to shut the world off for a couple of hours when I get home from work. Again, I thank you all for your support. Paul
  12. Thanks for the quick replies. WHX20, the model #06-42ST01, is from the tag on the blower and I'm assuming it is the original tag for this blower and the seller told me he had used it with the C-81. I have just about every manual and parts brochure that I could find but I did not see where any of them walk you through the process of attaching the blower to the tractor.
  13. I have a 1979 Wheel Horse model 91-08K802 with a mower deck and a snowblower model 06-42ST01. It has taken me 3 years to restore the tractor and now I'm working on the blower. My question, where can I find a video(s) that will show me how to attach the blower to the tractor. Yes, I do know that the tractor (C-81) and blower (1980) are different years. Anyway, any and all help is appreciated as here it comes, winter is around the corner and I want to show the neighbors that what a horse can do. Thank you...