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  1. RedHorse54

    Auction here in Maine

    The recoil on that RJ35 is worth $300 alone!!
  2. I have three tractors that I MUST sell I need them out. Everything is OR BEST OFFER, and you can text my number for pictures 1956 RJ35 from R&B Wheel Horse Stables: $1,100 OR BEST OFFER!! Runs and drives, but will need a carb rebuild , and a minor belt adjustment. Overall in great shape. Is equipped with a k90 with original oil bath air cleaner 1956 RJ35 ROLLER: $850 OR BEST OFFER!! this is an amazing shape RJ35. Before I sold the motor off it, it drove great. I do have a video. This tractor is in amazing shape for its age. ALL original parts on this not repeal and everything is mint. The hood is PERFECT besides the minor crack by the gas tank hole and a minor dent on the front of the hood that can easily be banged out. Original iron steering wheel with no cracks what so ever. Original belt guard in great shape. Speed selector arm was never hacked up. Steering isn't locked up. Overall an amazingly great shape RJ and a great candidate for restoration ORIGINAL SURVIVOR 1965 1054A: $700 OR BEST OFFER Presently does not run, but when I bought it close to a year ago, it did run. Left rear tire is flat. Other than that this tractor is a solid, ALL ORIGINAL PAINT machine so it is a survivor. You don't find them like this anymore.
  3. RedHorse54

    2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    I will have this for sale at the big show. NO motor and NO rims/tires, they're gone. But everything else you see there is what you'll get ! I do have the complete implement lift arm that will go with it also, it's just not attached
  4. RedHorse54

    2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    I'll be looking for a nice 701 down at the show, if you're bringing one to sell let me know!!
  5. RedHorse54

    2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    HEY EVERYONE I do have a 633 for sale and an RJ35 for sale both in which I will transport to the big show!! PM me your number so I can send pictures. Unable on here becuase of space buildup
  6. *CANT POST PICTURES. PM OR TEXT ME FOR PICTURES. IF INBOX FULL THEN JUST TEXT* I bought this tractor at the 2016 wheel horse show from Rick and Betty, the owners of R&B wheel horse stables in Canada. It's a nice little RJ35. Id say restored, but this was restored over 20 years ago. So if you'd want it perfect, it's have to be restored. Tractor is complete with the hitch. It's powered by a Kohler K90 with a rare oil bath attachment (original not refurbished). Presently the tractor does not run due to sitting for over a year in my enclosed trailer. It has good compression and wouldn't take much to get it running. But before I stored it away it ran great, and was driveable. I rode it around the show grounds in 2016. All tires hold air, rubber is slightly cracked but not bad. Original iron steering wheel. These little things are getting harder and harder to find. $1450 or best offer. Can deliver to the wheel horse show in June, or local pickup
  7. RedHorse54

    Shower head muffler

    Rare shower head muffler. $175 firm plus $10 shipping. In nice shape ready to screw on your tractor
  8. Original oil bath air cleaner for K90 and K91s with support arm. In very nice shape. $150 or best offer plus $10 shipping
  9. RedHorse54

    1963 633

    Very nice 633 for sale, runs and drives nicely. Sheet metal is straight and in very nice shape, all around nice tractor. $750 or best offer. Will need battery to run, someone wired it that way
  10. RedHorse54

    Need some advice

    Hey everyone, the other week I cleaned the side panel, and the fenders of my 855 with degreaser, big mistake... the paint changed color and not doesn't match the rest of the tractor. Does anyone know a tip to make the paint of the tractor match again so the side panel and fenders are the same shade as the hood? I want to keep the original paint job. Thanks
  11. RedHorse54

    My finds last weekend. 1054 and 855

    Thank you. And the 855 has never been painted other than from the factory
  12. All original 1054 and 855 I brought home last weekend
  13. RedHorse54

    1959 RJ59

    Very nice 1959 RJ for sale... Tractor runs and drives very nice (I can send a video) and has an oil bath on it. $1000 for the tractor with the oil bath. If I take off the oil bath the price is $850. The heat shield and belt guard are original, not repop. Prices are firm. Shoot me a PM if interested. Tractor is in very nice shape, new decals.
  14. RedHorse54

    Looking at a 1054

    I'd pick that thing up quick for the $250 he's asking.
  15. Can't wait to see this done! If you think about it, it's a long frame round hood, which is really cool!