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  1. whlpny

    523 Dxi-price reduced

    Selling low hour 523 Dxi- 548 hours on working meter. Purrs like a kitten. This is tractor only- No mower deck. Does have scuffs scratches and chips from use. Needs motion linkeage adjustment as it likes to creep into reverse when parked at idle. Possible delivery to the Portland Indiana Show in August. Located in Pewamo Mi . Price reduced to 2300.00 contact whlpny1@gmail.com for fastest reply back or text 9892897858http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/classifieds/for-sale/?do=form&d=2#
  2. whlpny

    312 4x4 Classic Articulated Tractor

    Changed Status to Closed
  3. whlpny

    312 4x4 Classic Articulated Tractor

    Changed Status to Pending
  4. Custom built Articulated 4x4 312 Classic. This was built early spring 2016 to take to the WheelHorse Show in PA. Runs great full time hydraulic 4x4 with hyd steering. All hoses /fittings/wiring /tires/seat/battery new. Paint is Base Clear. Nice clean tight machine .Price is $5500.00-Best Offer cash - will consider trades of Wheelhorse tractors also I'm into Mopar Muscle Cars/trucks or any pre-1966 Chevy Truck in trade all in any condition. Upcoming delivery arrangements can be made to Portland Indiana summer or fall show/swap, Scotts Meet N great in Leesburg Indiana. If you are interested or have trade in mind please email me at : whlpny1@gmail.com I will look at all offered options Thanks.
  5. I was pretty surprised by the way the spectators received the D-rod- wasn't sure how well liked it would be but found out real fast! Thanks to all of those who stopped to check it out and talk with us about how it was built and all the great comments on the craftsmenship. I had the most fun watching fellow collectors take both of the builds I took for rides and seeing the smiles on their faces and hearing the comments when they returned. Makes me want to try and make it back out next year, if not we will be there for the 20 yr show no doubt!
  6. Nice cool original idea !!!!!
  7. Yes absolutely we are going to be at the show this year. The above two tractors are coming along, also an older custom narrow front that I did for my boy when he was little and I have one more fresh Articulated 4x4 build that I haven't posted pics of yet that will be along. We are also hoping there should be a minimum of 4 of our Articulated tractor builds there if everyone brings what they are telling me. Anticipating a great time !
  8. Wrapped up my sons tractor tonite so we had both out for some pics....
  9. And as far as Facebook- anybody who is on my friends list or follows the 4x4 page is also going to see only finish machine pics. We have been broken into here in the past and most likely we believe it was someone we know but couldn't prove it. Times change and they don't seem to change for the better anymore.
  10. I have gotten to the point where I am no longer posting many build pics anymore. When doing so there are so many comments about everything else in the background of the pics that I decided people don't need to see everything that's in my shop. After one does that all that's needed is an address and a trailer to remove said stuff.
  11. So back to D-rod- After the Rat Grenade I learned that real low is too low when it comes time to load on a trailer. The first idea was simplifying that issue as I needed D-Rod to load into my truck bed but still be way low cool. I decided to make the front end rise with a hyd lift to get some good ground clearance and let it go up ramps. This is where it got ugly but cool ugly! Kevin Townsend hears this plan and then adds "you need to make the rear of the frame go up also". Y...up- here we go now we had brainstorming goin on. I already had planned on the 3 pt hitch and the PS so hyds wasn't an issue. So here we are the front lift gives the old Gasser look of the 60"s , the rear can lift separately for the low front rake Hot Rod look, and we can raise the tractor completely so when asked why a 3 pt ???Well why not it can go in a field with ground clearance smile emoticon Also Tach is a Summit tinytach, as for tires/wheels-wanted tall as possible in front to match hoodline and to be level with rear fenders at lowered ride height thus a smaller rear.
  12. Last year after the WheelHorse Collectors club show in PA the club made the announcement that "Customs" would be the feature tractor for the 2016 show. Man was I bummed that I had sold the Rat Grenade. First thought was to build a copy of it or to buy it back. I really hate to duplicate some projects and ruin their originality though sometimes it happens. After some thought and a suggestion by my friend Terese Emmory LaPree- I formed a new plan. At first the suggestion didn't... interest me but the following day it sparked an idea. So thanks Terese!!! This idea of a project rolled around for a couple months and I bounced it off a couple friends and they seemed to like it so I decided it had merit. I have to give some serious credit to Kevin Townsend for his help in some of the chassis design. No doubt after a couple failures into the project he was most likely getting sick of my texts for help! He added his ideas to mine for the creation of this project so my Thanks goes out to him as well! Also Thanks to Michael Biser for supplying a custom built 8-speed that gave us some flexibility in the width of the tractor. Also Thanks to Lonny Eskridge for the D-series pcs involved.This is one of 3 custom projects that we will be bringing to PA in June. So I guess here it goes- Fellow WH enthusiasts here is what has been dubbed as D-Rod Its specs are as follows- 16hp Onan Performer, Biser WH 8-spd, 4 gpm pump,power steering,hyd 3 pt hitch,16in front rubber ,17 in rear rubber on BlackRock wheels. Chassis, body and driveline all 100% handmade with exception of the D-series grille shell and front inverted axle. D-Rod can also do a couple tricks-but I will show them in another post later
  13. whlpny

    Farm Show Magazine

    Thanks glad you liked it! It was a very flattering article- excellent writing by Lorn Manthey. He did a great job with detail to my son also. It has also led to my phone ringing a lot and some very interesting prospects for builds coming up in the future. For those who haven't seen it- they did use a picture including John Campbells Gt-14/16 along with a couple others and it was just over a half page! The interesting part of the phone calls is finding out how many people who do NOT use the internet and have never seen any of the tractors. I'm gathering there is a huge older generation out there who obviously has no use for modern communication- But love reading and looking at real paper in their hands. Its been a real fun experience and Lorn also said that they will run an update if I let him know when we finish a machine which is pretty cool.
  14. Sorry I also forgot that I do have a regular website where every tractor is pictured. I have Not added the D-200 as of yet but will soon. You can find us and our contact info at http://articulatedgardentractors.weebly.com