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  1. Evil Twin

    ISO steering support for a 417 A

    Found one thanks!
  2. Evil Twin

    ISO steering support for a 417 A

    I'm in desperate need of a steering support and bronze bushing to fit a 417-A. I'm not surer but I think they are pretty interchangeable. can anyone help me out. I'm fixing this tractor for my cousin and would like to get it back to him ASAP. thanks in advance. BTW I'm located in Elkhart, IN and don't mind driving a little to pick one up.
  3. Is there a separate thread for items people are looking for? Planning on being down Friday afternoon for set up.
  4. Evil Twin

    Mentone Show & Swap Meet Fall 2015

    I will double check but I think mine are around 32". Also I need an address for your meet and great on Oct 3rd. I am really looking forward to that.
  5. Evil Twin

    Mentone Show & Swap Meet Fall 2015

    Gene_S, how far north of 25 is the park? I'm planning on stopping by on Friday afternoon, what time(s) does the show start/end? Scott, I'm working on my 657 and the things I need at the moment are choke and throttle cables. I see they are available new on eBay.
  6. Evil Twin

    2015 Meet and Greet T-shirts

    I wil take one 2xl please. Looking forward to attending the show.
  7. I'm planning on coming down. This will be my first show.......period. I've never been to any WH show before let alone yours, so I am really looking forward to it. Not sure what to bring. And by the way, your shop looks outstanding. What a great toy box!
  8. I'm just getting started in WH collecting. I've owned my 857 for over 20 years but just acquired a couple more tractors. I would like to know more information about the show. Sounds like a good time. JD Elkhart, IN
  9. you should paint the blades yellow
  10. Evil Twin

    657 engine ID

    Thanks gwest, that is just the info i needed. I have 2 WHs. My old 857, which was my grandfather's and my new aquisition this 657. I'm sure Red Square will be an invaluable resorce as I attempt to restore each of them.
  11. Evil Twin

    657 engine ID

    Hello all, I need help identifying what the engine model # is in my 657. I believe it is the original 6 hp Tecumseh w/ electric start. The cover is rusted out where the ID tag was. I need to know what engine it is so I can get some replacement parts. Thanks for the help.