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  1. koalassquad

    Just picked this up, need help identifying model

    Yes sir
  2. koalassquad

    Just picked this up, need help identifying model

    Paid $150 for it😀
  3. I just picked this up at an auction, I know its some type of suburban, but have no clue on the model. It has a small Tecumseh on it
  4. koalassquad

    Lowered Wheel Horse?

    How did you hook up the steering?
  5. koalassquad

    314-8 not charging

    On the tractors voltometer, you can watch the battery drain while running, its aggravating, I go do work with it and turn it off to talk to my customer, and have to jump it. But will do the others
  6. koalassquad

    314-8 not charging

    My wheelhorse 314-8 won't charge the battery while its running, it used to but now it doesnt. The wiring is stock as it came from factory. Runs good, just have to jump/charge It every time
  7. koalassquad

    1054 Hard Shifting

    Alrighty, I cleaned the tranny out with a mixture of diesel and kerosean. I flushed it completly after letting it sit for about 6 hours. The amount of rust and varnished gear oil that came out was impeckable. I also took this time to replace the shifter, and it now goes into gear lighter, but there is surface rust on the little hole that the shifter slides between.
  8. koalassquad

    1054 Hard Shifting

    Alrighty, ima try that
  9. koalassquad

    1054 Hard Shifting

    It Is VERRRY difficult going into gear
  10. koalassquad

    1054 Hard Shifting

    i was thinking about cleaning it out, because it does have a bad seal on the input shaft.
  11. koalassquad

    1054 Hard Shifting

    My 1054 is a very strong horse, but it has an issue that i think is the downside. The issue is the transmittion, it is VERY hard to get into gear. how could i fix this and make it easier shifting, like my 314?
  12. koalassquad

    314-8 installing a light bar/ snow season

    I made an extended plate, and put a second battery in my 314-8 for my LEDs.
  13. koalassquad

    Whats my Commando 8 frame worth?

    Yeah, lol I played $10 for it and I payed $350 for a 1054 with a hard cab.
  14. I just recently bought a commando 8 frame at auction along with a 1054 with a hard cab. I was wondering, what's a commando 8 frame worth? You'd be surprised what I payed for it.
  15. koalassquad

    Wheelhorse 314 Engine problems

    No but mine came with a spare indak key switch when I bought it