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  1. well how fast do you want to go, my race tractor goes 80km/h lol but i dont think you want anything that intence.....if you give me the tire size and how fast you want to go at what rpm i can figure out what pullys you need kyle.m
  2. well i just started no where near ready to paint lol. i charged up the battery tonight and fired it up. so i would like to take it for one more spin all stock...i will get some more before pictures then i will start tearing it down :D
  3. hi evryone well my budys dad and another guy i know decided to make a pull tractor club for our 4H club and i some how ended up being the presedent of the club. but ither way i figured i shuld pull out my pull tractor witch is a 1966 855 wheel horse and fix up the old girl befor i start pulling with it again so basicly this is just guna be a project i hope dont take to long (witch never happens lol) my plan for the 855 is im guna drop my done up 16hp side shaft v-twin in there give it a good paint job and get a buch of new parts that have been worn out for a while. so it will be like a brand new tractor exept for the v-twin some of the parts im looking for are -the gear on the steereing shaft -the little pin that the shifter gets held in by -and im sure i need a bunch of other stuff i cant think of so if anyone knows of any web sites where to get parts like this it will be much apprechated here is a picture of my 855....she looks a bit tuff but its been about 7 years since the last time its been all apart and fresh paint (clickable) thanks kyle.m
  4. modracer

    HELP!! 516 Wiring Diagram

    yup runns really good jsut need to button evrything back up then she can go in the done pile lol B)
  5. modracer

    HELP!! 516 Wiring Diagram

    its alright left it alone for a bit to think about it worked on some other stuff and i went back to the wheel horse changed some wires around after i looked at the diagram and it fired up with like 0.5 of a second lol runs like a typical horse! GOOD thanks for the help guys
  6. modracer

    HELP!! 516 Wiring Diagram

    would any one have the resistance specks on like the ign coil and the stator by any chance? thanks kyle.m
  7. modracer

    HELP!! 516 Wiring Diagram

    thanks treed!!!! B)
  8. modracer

    HELP!! 516 Wiring Diagram

    hey evryone im at work right now and im working on a 516-h wheel horse and it douse not have spark and as soon as you crank it over the wires coming out of the stator are hot so im wondering if any one has a wireing diagram for one of these or evan what it could be it has a onan opposed in it here are the nubers off the motor ill come back on in a bit and look if i can find a diagram but so far no luck sir# B883325986 model and specifcation# P2166-I/10538B thanks kyle.m
  9. modracer


    bluegrass is the best! lol ive been lisening to it since i was little and country...all that kind of stuff :thumbs:
  10. modracer

    Wheelhorse Racer

    yup thats the fastest tractor in our club....him and george
  11. modracer

    Wheelhorse Racer

    your right...in the winners circal right beside me in 2nd place...LOL shuld be a good raing year this year jason!!
  12. modracer

    102 CUB CADET

    i like em!!!! i like the look of the front grills on them!
  13. modracer

    Any ideas guys???

    hmmm intersting little tractor but i have no idea what it is lol
  14. modracer

    bar stool racer

    my buddy actly jsut built a motorized shopping cart with a 16hp kohler command in it lolill post pics in a bit