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  1. mac15b

    Pulling hitch

    I have not, however I just now saw your addition to this post. I've been busy this summer and I will be emailing him as soon as I finish this post. Thanks for the information... hopefully we can work something into my plan and get my son's tractor going soon!
  2. mac15b

    Pulling hitch

    I thought that's where I posted this to... I'm still learning the ropes in the forum!
  3. mac15b

    Pulling hitch

    Who's Tom and where can I find him?
  4. I am looking for an adjustable tractor pulling hitch and wheelie bar combo. I saw one on here once before and copied the pics, just wanted to see what one would cost to have built. I can do without the wheelie bars for now if I can get the hitch itself. The hitch needs to be able to adjust to 12-13" high on a C81 with 23x10.50 tires.
  5. mac15b

    New pulling hitch for my horse

    Where can I find a hitch like that? My son is going to pull a horse and we need a new hitch!
  6. mac15b

    C 81 Transmission questions

    Thanks for the input guys! I'll take a look at the shifter this afternoon and see what's up! Also, thanks WHX9 for the drain plug size!
  7. mac15b

    C 81 Transmission questions

    It never worked since I've had it... when I got it, it would not "click" into gear. High range will, but low won't. Everything else works like it should in the high range. As a matter of fact, the range selector was wired so that it would not shift out of high range. The guy I got it from didn't know anything about it as he had picked this up at a yard sale several years ago.
  8. I recently acquired a C81... however it has it's share of issues. First off, it HAD low and high range... but low is gone out of it. Any ideas as to what might cause that? Second, a friend of mine was helping me work on it and lost the bottom drain plug out of it. Anyone have any idea what size plug should go back in it? I'm wanting to restore this for my son... it will be his first tractor! Thanks!
  9. mac15b

    What has been seen cannot be unseen

    I like the fact that he was welding in his SANDALS!!
  10. mac15b

    B-80 tires

    Thanks for the input guys. The 26x12x12's look great on the B80! We're just using it for push/pull duty around our shop for now, but as soon as we can find a mule drive for the front, we'll try mowing and change the rear tire size for sure! As soon as I get a chance, I'll post a couple of pics!
  11. mac15b

    B-80 tires

    Hey guys, first timer here, but a long timer lover of Wheel Horses. I am an agriculture teacher in Kentucky, and recently, my small engines class/FFA chapter was given a 1976 B-80. It is fairly original but didn't run, until my kids got hold of it. It now purs like a kitten. My question is this, what size tires "should" have been on this tractor? It had some really narrow rears that didn't hold air the best, so we switched them out for some 26x12x12 turf tread. Is that too much tire for this little guy? Thanks!