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  1. Ok this may be a stupid question coming from me but I really need to replace the Axle bearings in my 654 and I bought the KOYO B-1616 Bearing to do it with long with the seals to go with axle. Now the question is DO I Really have to pull the tranny then split it just to replace these bearings or is there and easier way You Ole Horse Junkies know of? Bud Andrews or one of you ole timers LOLOLOL
  2. Brianrollins

    Bearing cross-reference chart

    So I am assuming the Other Manufactor is Torrington and my bearing i need to replace my WH part # 1528 is a torrington Bearing # b-1616???????
  3. Brianrollins

    Bearing cross-reference chart

    Ok as I look at my gear box blow up I am seeing the 5046 has the outer axle bearings ref no.7 with the part number 1528 and the seal ref no. 8 with the part number 1232 am I not looking at this right I am seeing people talking about 1533's and all sorts of other numbers I am confused now. Someone give me a hand.
  4. Brianrollins

    '68 Raider Gas Cap

    I am headed to Napa I have same issue same part Number but for a 1964 654
  5. Brianrollins

    how to date WH

    ok so what would you have if you had a serial of 62-19851 because you lost me up there in all that text LOLOL
  6. Brianrollins

    Tecumseh 34e Please Help

    Ok heres the deal I have set plenty of points and mags on engines that were on the outside of the fly wheel but how the heck are you suppose to do so to a mag that is on the inside of a fly wheel. I mean I am use to putting a card between the mag and fly wheel and then tightening down the mag but I can not do that with this engine please help me both by telling me how to test the mag and coil and also by how to set it . EMAIL ME OR GET AHOLD of me on Facebook if you want