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  1. Never thought girl scout cookies were that good but always bought a few boxes to help the kids. They get .84 cents per box and the CEO makes nearly four hundred grand a year...
  2. roadapples


    Very nice of you Rich and great looking cup...
  3. roadapples


    Glad you got to enjoy them for 50 years Ed. By the way, if you filled that trailer up you wouldn't have to make so many trips....
  4. roadapples

    Sears Bankruptcy

    I have a new catalog from the last year they put them out. The house across the road from my mothers was a kit sold by Sears & Roebuck. I remember a chicken house (probably 10'x20') in town that my dad said came from Sears. And I remember my parents saying the most popular use for the catalog was in the outhouse.....
  5. roadapples

    new member

    New fuel line and filter also...
  6. roadapples

    Happy Birthday

    @kj4kicks Eldon....
  7. roadapples

    1976 D-250 cap and rotor help

    @squonk did you take your books with you when you left. I worked there before computers when they covered about seven feet of counter space...
  8. @857 horse has a pair off of a rototiller but I think his are 7"
  9. roadapples

    Fool's Gold ?

    Thanks Ed. Does this surprise anyone....
  10. roadapples

    Restore or not

    @buckrancher might be able to fix you up with a new seat cover
  11. roadapples

    What is happening to Wheel Horse part prices??

    It's because we keep telling everyone how great wheel horse is....
  12. Exactly...I hate having to remove tires to fix them. I've plugged plenty without even removeing them. I only use tubes if there's no other way. I have a plug kit in both my trucks..... .
  13. roadapples

    Thank you Wheelhorser's

    I'm not even sure what you just said
  14. roadapples


    There were about a half a dozen behind my mail box last year. At first, I thought someone had thrown out some trash....