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  1. roadapples

    Today's scrapyard find

    Wanna double your money...
  2. roadapples

    Prayers please

    Wishing him the best, prayers sent.
  3. roadapples

    C-161 New Wheel Questions

    rear wheel backspacing is only 1 1/2"...
  4. roadapples

    Relocation Time

    Enjoy.... 8" of snow here yesterday
  5. roadapples

    Electrical Trouble in the Snow

    For all grounds I always use star washers and dielectric grease between wire end and ground. Never had a problem afterward. Don't be stingy with the grease...
  6. Glad you were born (created)....
  7. roadapples

    1978 Speedex 1130

    YES. Mine's an S19, 1972 I think. Really Freddy Flintstone, but it works...
  8. roadapples

    48" deck redo

    I have the exact same hanger bracket in my garage...
  9. Doubt if the helicopter was Osha approved....
  10. roadapples

    60" deck on C-161???

    It's about 4" wider OA. YES you will need longer tie rods...
  11. roadapples

    44" 2 stage blower

    I wanted to check mine also and couldn't get the Allen plug out. So I pulled the plate to check the gears. Looked new. While I had the plate off I drilled and tapped a 3/8 hole in the top to fill and check. Used 90w gear oil. Filled to about 1/2 full. Use screwdriver or wire for dip stick. Works for me... Hole in top of box not in plate. If you do this make sure you drill hole where the bolt or plug does not contact gears...
  12. roadapples

    Rat Fink

    Agree, nice Dan. I left my subscription run out about a year ago because wheel horse was seldom seen...