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  1. roadapples

    C-125 Fluids

    That's a cradle mount..
  2. roadapples

    Opinions On These Wheels

    15's, American Racing...
  3. When you disassemble to paint, I would notch that hole into a slot so you only need to loosen the bolt slightly instead of removing. And maybe use a larger washer....
  4. roadapples

    12” of the Wet Stuff

    I'll take that any day....
  5. roadapples

    Jump starters

    I'm sure a lot of you carry portable jump starters. Any recommendations.. Thanks
  6. I think it was @daveoman1966 that bolted in angle iron.. No weld. I've done the same and it works fine.. Dave had good pictures..
  7. roadapples

    New Horse with Sweepster

    Three 520's in two months? Musta' hit the lotto.... good deal...
  8. At least we didn't have to watch go down that road...
  9. roadapples

    Happy Birthday Ed

    Ed, have a good one Buddy...
  10. roadapples

    2019 garden plans? What tractor do you use

    I do no gardening... But I like the C160... Never under gunned..
  11. I plan on going, weather permitting...
  12. roadapples

    Happy Birthday Stevebo