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  1. carolpjohnson

    Wheel Weights

    Thank you all for your help and the welcome. I researched a little, but still wasn't really sure and figured you guys here would know.
  2. carolpjohnson

    Wheel Weights

    Hi All, Have a question. I'm really not knowledgeable at all on this. . Wanted to know if the wheel weights from a 520 will fit a 310-8. Thanks much.
  3. carolpjohnson

    310-8 idler pulley pair up front seized...

    I do have those on 310-8. Inherited it from my mother. The 111178 belt is noted by her in parts of the manual that I have. I didn't have a parts list. Thanks for the quick response and the welcome.
  4. carolpjohnson

    310-8 idler pulley pair up front seized...

    Hi, I realize this thread is very old. Would these 2 pulleys that are side by side be exactly the same........They look the same but just wanting to make sure before I try to purchase. Thanks