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  1. Looking to get out of the WH business so looking to unload everything as one lot. Have D160 w/ Onan 16 twin original. Use it to mow last year so it will run, have not started it this year. Burns oil but good machine otherwise. Has 48 inch belly mower and snow blower. Other machine is 18 Auto with bar tires, 3 pt hitch and rear PTO, 48 inch Rear finish mower and snow blower. Current state is that it has motor and hydro pump out because the O rings for hydro pump were leaking so while making that repair I planned to change the Pump shaft out. Motor and drive are good and I have mowed with this in the past. Spare parts I have include Most of another Machine that was stripped down so there are spare tires rims, rear end, steering components, I also have 2 o 3 spare hydro pumps, extra hydro line sets (hoses and hard lines), Another 16 horse ONAN that blew a rod currently torn down (may be salvageable, never followed up with it). I am getting several Allis Chalmers garden tractors passed down to me and since I barely have time for my WH I figure its best to pass these on to another collector and make room for the new fleet coming. Please reach out to me Via Email and we can exchange contact information and I could send pictures when I make time to take some this week. Thank you.
  2. Niagara D

    D series snow blower

    Sent you a pm.
  3. Niagara D

    D series snow blower

    I have 2 d series single stage snow blowers. I want to get rid of one, maybe both. They are both are missing the crank rod to turn the chute but are complete otherwise. One I had used 2 years ago and it worked fine. The other I have not ran but it is there and seems alright. I would be very interested in trades for other d series implements.
  4. Niagara D

    Mig welding question

    Empire liberty recycling on
  5. Niagara D

    Mig welding question

    The scrap yard on skillin in Riverside also will sell you some metal. They are typically good people there and you should be able to get some practice material for slightly above what they paid for it (scrap steel price)
  6. Niagara D

    D160 hydro

    Yes to avoid muffler removal you can take off the hood and front support then you can slide the motor as far forward as you need. I pulled a pup out by taking apart the column and after realized a better way. I have to replace the o rings on the line set at the pump on one of mine this winter and I feel it's likely going to be easier to just yank the engine to get it done.
  7. Niagara D

    D160 hydro

    From my experience trying to get at the pump it's easier to pull the motor than to pull the pump.
  8. Niagara D

    Rear PTO coupler?

    My rear pto shaft is also missing the quick connect coupler that came with these shafts but one of the PO had just changed up the drive to the rear deck to slide over the pto shaft spines and there would be a spring inside that drive shaft to the implement.
  9. Niagara D

    Mig welding question

    Flux core takes higher voltage to burn. Look into a c25 gas which is 75% argon 25% co2. Also for solid wire you will want an .023 diameter which I have used on everything from 22 ga all the way to 1/4" In regards to the welding jacket a car hart or equivalent jacket or a heavy sweat shirt is usually enough so long as it doesn't have frayed spots. Those will light up quick
  10. Niagara D

    Mig welding question

    230 volt is not entirely necessary. There are some really decent quality welding 120 volt units. Hobart handler or miller 140 series are great welding machines. I would shy away from low voltage Flux core welders as they do not typically have a enough umf to get it done. Its my experience that all the harbor freight welders are junk. So my opinion would be to invest in a Hobart Lincoln miller or esab 120 volt machine with gas shielding and solid wore will get any garage project done that you would likely find to do.
  11. Niagara D

    Project: D160

    There should be 3 bolts holding your steering box in place
  12. Niagara D

    D-180 forward reverse neutral problem

    Based on the front tires it appears as though you have an earlier one. The parking brake may be on the horizontal pan just in front of the seat on them. The manual has a great description on adjusting the linkage just make sure its next to you when your at your tractor for clarification purposes.
  13. Niagara D

    taking power from the battery

    Twist and solder is a sure fire way to go. However my back round is industrial millwright and a terminal strip would also be a sound manner. If your looking for something to show off and make it look like a fancy control panel then go with a terminal strip but if you looking to get it done clean and simple I would likely just solder it and be done
  14. Niagara D

    D160 worth the risk?

    Both my onan 160 and my 18 auto have the availability of the rear lift. The lever is there and the lines are run to where the rear cylinder sits (under the seat) that is definitely a kohler. When I look I tell by the manually engaged clutch lever on the left side of the column. From my understanding the onan have the electric clutch. That's a good buy there.
  15. Niagara D

    D series hydro pump coupler

    I told my friend to have a few "samples" made up and get me a price for 50 of them. I figure there's several folks around here and then the rest that I don't want to hoard can go on ebay. But it would be nice to get an idea of how many people 'round here would like them....and how many!