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  1. Bigpat5123

    Tall chute conversion

    Pete, I would sell you the chute and whatever other accessories I have laying around but I would have to see what shipping would be. If you PM me your zip code I can give you a delivered price. Let me know.
  2. Bigpat5123

    Tall chute conversion

    Sarge, The biggest difference and advantage to the tall chute was the chute assembly which includes the rotation mechanism. The new tall chute blowers have a worm gear and teeth on the bottom of the chute. This is a much different setup than the old cable style. This part is not so easily reproduced. Of course something else could be used to make rotation better if you have the time, materials and expertise. Good Luck and have fun!
  3. Bigpat5123

    Tall chute conversion

    Pete, unless you have a donor blower it is hard to upgrade. I made a custom chute that worked quite well that I would sell. It has everything you need to attach to your short chute and can be modified however you want. Here is a picture for reference. Let me know.
  4. Bigpat5123

    Tall Chute Snowthrower- rebuilt

    Changed Status to Closed Items have been sold!
  5. I have a rebuilt as of fall 2016 tall chute single stage snow thrower for wheel horse tractors. All wear parts replaced including pulleys, sprockets, chain, bearings and chute gears. Fits all tractors with the attach-o-matic system, 300, 400, 500 series garden tractors with horizontal shaft engine. Works great throws snow 30+ feet and at 42" wide makes quick work of clearing snow. Comes with everything needed to operate on tractor as well as a set of rear wheels weight for 12" and tire chains. Asking $500 or best offer. Contact Patrick for more info at 617-939-5410 text or call
  6. Bigpat5123

    Tall chute conversion

    10-4. I was thinking that the retainers will eventually wear being the softer material of the two contact surfaces for the chute to base connection. Thanks for the advice.
  7. Bigpat5123

    Tall chute conversion

    Yes I noticed there was too much play at the connection. I can't imagine wearing through a set of retainers in a season but will definitely see how they look in the spring. I will keep the old ones as backups for now.
  8. Found a parts blower for short money to convert my short chute that I reconditioned last year into a tall chute. Very easy to change over. I ordered a new chute gear ring and retainers as there was too much play in the chute to rotate smoothly. Also got a set of wheel weights with the deal, 50# a piece.
  9. Bigpat5123

    300 Series tow hitch capacity

    Thanks all as always I appreciate and respect all of your replys.
  10. Bigpat5123

    Ready for snow, one issue, help?

    You are right on point BMS. I definitely know what you are saying and respect everyone's reply's to my topic. I will be using this on my paved driveway so there will not be much cause for the hitch to bounce. We will see how it goes and hopefully I won't be needing help on repairs in January!
  11. Bigpat5123

    300 Series tow hitch capacity

    Def hear what you are saying but I stood on the end of the rack(200lbs) and bounced up and down with no negative impact to hitch or tractor. I haven't tried it without the blower on but won't use it without. The tractor has the adjustable height knob for lift/down so the blower def puts most of its weight on the ground. We will see once the snow flies. There is a slight difference in ease of steering with the rack but not real easy to turn.
  12. Bigpat5123

    Ready for snow, one issue, help?

    Thanks guys for all the feedback. I have had yard trailers and a trailer with a leaf sucker(5hp motor and exhaust blower with frame) mounted to the trailer tongue. I have stood on the hitch with and without trailers and never had any issues with the hitch. I am 200+ lbs. I know I have had this type of load on the hitch before with no issues. Maybe I am just lucky but I nor my dad who's the owner of this gem thinks something bad will happen with this setup.
  13. Could not find any specs from wheel horse. I am wondering if anyone knows the capacity of the rear hitch on a 300 series. I made a weight rack for snow blowing that bolts to the standard tow bar. How much weight is an issue before damage to trans-axle case?
  14. Bigpat5123

    312 Wheel Horse Front End Loader Pictures

    Is your weight box just attached to the tow hitch or in some other way? A pic would be great. Thanks