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  1. Hi, I asked for measuremnts for the snow blade bracket and you all was kind enough to get me the info to get a modified snow blade in specs to fit my friends 417a Wheel Horse. He brought me the tractor now to put the blade on (since the mowing season is over) but with the hydrostatic rear the brackets I have won't work. Does anyone have a photo of the rear brackets with them mounted on their 417a? Thanks!
  2. Steve1940Ford

    Measurements Snow Blade/ plow to fit a 417-A

    WOW! Thanks for the Welcome and a Great big Thank You for taking the time to reply with all the info and especially getting all the measurements & even a drawing. I will be getting this project going on my spare time and will certainly let you know the results. Thanks again. Steve
  3. Steve1940Ford

    Measurements Snow Blade/ plow to fit a 417-A

    Thanks for the reply. After looking at the photos I need to move the handle back to the right side. I have posted 2 photos of the blade. If your blade will fit a 417-A I would love measurements of the under carriage. Thanks again Steve
  4. Hi, I am helping my friend put a snow/blade/plow on his 417-A Wheelhorse tractor. He has a Wheelhorse blade model 69622 that has been shortened to use on a Ford tractor. What I need are the measurements from the rear cross pin to the lift connection and width of the frame of the carrier assembly on that end and inside width at the latch point.. Also is there other differences that will need to be changed to fit this tractor? I have the rear latch assembly to put on his tractor to latch it on. Thanks