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    Best place for engine parts

    Getting ready to redo my 312, it runs well but smokes heavily. I was going to do a total rebuild with piston and rings, gaskets, seals, and what ever else it needs. I know there is an updated piston and rod that I plan to get. Does anyone know about OPEENGINES.com in oregon? Prices seem pretty good for 197.30 I get gaskets and seals, piston, and rod and rings. What about valve springs. I basically want a rebuilt motor so next year I can redo the rest of the tractor. First comes the 414-8 I just bought for 250.00 :thumbs2:

    When did Toro take over

    Interesting, was there a financial problem why wheelhorse sold?

    When did Toro take over

    Could somone give me a brief history on when and why Toro took over the wheelhorse name?

    Another new member

    Hey guys, finally found a wheel horse dedicated site. I live in West Virginia and in 1981 my dad bought our 1st WH. It is currently being totally blasted and restored. It is a 312-8 that had plastic fenders now with metal ones. When he bought it he also purchased rear discs, single plow, and spike looking things for our garden. But somewhere they have been lost. He found a snowblade at an auction that is also getting redone. A few years back I bought a 211-5 for $50 that is now my brothers that needs a deck and several other things. Last year I bought a 85-86 model 312-8 with a 42" side discharge deck for $600 that didnt run. But was basically rust free. I brought it home, pulled the spark plug and head, cleaned the carbon out and started right up. Its getting ready to be redone. About 2 months ago I was replacing a windshield for a customer in an old barn and noticed a WH sitting in the corner. Got to talking and he asked what i'd give him for it. It needs work, not sure if it runs but the condition was good enough to buy. He said $250 so I bought it. Went to pick it up and it ended up being a 414-8 not a 312. He also gave me a 42" side discharge, rear discharge deck, wheel weights, chains, and snowblade. Made out like a bandit. But I cant read the model number on the fender. Hope to learn alot here and contribute what I learn. First will be the 312 then start on the 414. Marcell