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  1. Wow, our Wheel Horses are "Kissing Cousins". Please post how the tracks are attached and where one can get their hands on a set. On my test ride, I was surprised at how true my skis track but I was much happier with how loose and wild the rear is. I once thought clearing snow from a driveway was fun, but it can't compare with doing figure 8s, drifting and spinning out in the snow.
  2. OK, you got me. I must confess.....It was MUCH FASTER, maybe 110-120?
  3. Stormin, If I understood correctly, the risk entered your mind at 160. If so, maybe the Isle of Man TT may have been some influence on you, the drive or first thought for going crazy fast. Maladaptive daydreaming can be ruled out since you survived "living on the edge". Us mere mortals can only dream of what you did. Cheers from Ohio
  4. A co-worker had a similar experience. He drove his bike thru the gut of a deer or it may have been an elk or ram. My memory fails me since it was so long ago
  5. Returning home with lunch I knew going up the ramp to the highway was going to be fun. Before coming to the traffic light for the ramp, a Z car blew by me hoping to make the green but he wasn't quick enough. I am now waiting right behind the Z checking out the huge aftermarket wing and thinking, should I go for it? Hell Yeah. The light turns green and we both floor it, at the same time! If he didn't I would have rammed the back of his car. And if I didn't do it I would be left in his dust. I wish I could have seen his face when we entered the highway at 90mph and he realized a little Kia Sportage was right on his tail. That was fun and whoever you were I give you a big thumbs up.
  6. Geez, I should have posted a cartoon set of tires. But If I did, I would have never learned about tires.
  7. Your truck is asking for a nice set of tires for Christmas
  8. Those had to be the days.
  9. Not4Hire, Mtn Dew, Shine, Wht Liteng, or Runnrr personalized plates could give your car a cool mystique.
  10. That's what I'm talking about American muscle cars rule. There's just no room in a Lambo to run bootleg whiskey WVHillbilly520H 's Chevy
  11. They are invincible on the highway. They are pros, race superbikes on the Isle of Man https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKydosJYnAs
  12. I dream of racing a Lamborghini with my WH. For a speed comparison, see my youtube "Wheel Horse on skis" vs this youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rr8zuawO5wk
  13. giddyap

    Guess it’s not cold enough yet!

    Here in NE Ohio, we got about 6" of snow on Monday. By Wed the frozen ground allowed me to record my youtube "Wheel Horse on skis". And now this first weekend in December, I'm wearing shorts again. No skeeters, just Stink Bugs in Ohio
  14. giddyap

    R. I. P. George HW Bush

    His legacy will defend us well into the future