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  1. cosmikdebris

    Johnny bucket jr on 1075?

    Thanks for the replies. Looks like this might take some effort to make fit. Not sure about spending the cash then hacking into it. Think I'll contact them, see what they say. Any similar digging attachments around that are more of a direct fit? Thanks Rick Pic of the 1075 attached.
  2. Hello Been lurking here a while now and grateful for the wealth of knowledge offered. I have an all original 1075 my grandfather bought new. It includes a rear discharge mower and a snowblower attachment . Its been gently used, then stored for over 30 years. Until i got it going a few years ago and started REALLY using it pulling thousand pound plus loads of logs and gravel around in an ironton trailer. Anyway Johnny Bucket says the JR model fits the 1067 and 1267. If I'm remembering correctly these tractors are basically the same as the 1075 but with different engine-trans combos? Sure would like to put a bucket on this since an upcoming project is moving 10 to 20 yds of clean fill on a trail thru my woods about 500 feet and spreading it out. Surely after that i will find hundreds of more things to use it for. So if anybody knows if this should bolt right up please chime in. I do have advanced fabrication capabilities if required (but dont have too much time for it). Thanks Rick