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  1. Ironhorse1077

    Engine Mounts

    In need of a new set of the rubber (?) engine mounts for a 1979 C-161 with the K341AS motor. (the four large rubber washers that are between frame and the engine where the mounting bolts are)
  2. Ironhorse1077

    K341 crankshaft

    Looking for a used K341 motor, more specifically the crankshaft.
  3. Ironhorse1077


    Thanks! Do you know why it is not on the Master Model List though?
  4. Ironhorse1077


    A friend of mine recently acquired a 212-5 speed. I was reviewing the Master Model List and could not seem to locate this model. Is the list just for horizontal shaft tractors or was this model omitted for some reason? And what year(s) was the 212-5 in production?
  5. Ironhorse1077

    Advice: Replace or Rebuild Carb for K301S?

    Thanks everyone! I have made new gaskets and cleaned with spray carb cleaner. It still is starting up and then idling a while then stalling out. I really believe there's still some debris in the system - like me in the morning (coughing). So, I have not actually "rebuilt" the carb - but that seems to be the next logical step in my limited knowledge of machinery. I too feel better about having an original American made product rebuilt rather than replacing with a cheap (illegal) replica. Principles. And along that line of thinking - as a proud American I'd like to go through the process of rebuilding it myself (with a friend looking over my shoulder) - then I have the knowledge to do help myself and possibly others in the future. So, I'll likely pick up a rebuild kit and give it a go. And please excuse me for popping in and out of this thread. I wish I could just work/play with tractors all day, but juggling priorities only allows intermittent tractor time. That, combined with the fact of usually needing a friend on site with more Wheelhorse know-how really limits my wrench time and causes these seemingly simple fixes to drag on for days or usually weeks. Huge thanks to all who have chimed in here! All your advice is greatly appreciated!
  6. Ironhorse1077

    Advice: Replace or Rebuild Carb for K301S?

    I'm not exactly sure what is going on with it - just figured a rebuild was in order. The gaskets between the engine and carb and between the carb and air cleaner definitely need replaced. Maybe all I need do is replace those gaskets and clean the carb. I started thinking if a new one could be had for a little more $ than a rebuild kit and a couple gaskets cost - then, why not?
  7. Ironhorse1077

    Advice: Replace or Rebuild Carb for K301S?

    So, my local outdoor power equipment shop tells me that a new carb will cost nearly $400! A rebuild kit from them runs $48. On Ebay I find carbs that seem the same for under $30 (http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Carburetor-for-K241-K301-Cast-Iron-10-HP-12-HP-Cast-Iron-Engines-26-Carb-/162217568958?hash=item25c4ebaabe:g:2tMAAOSwTA9X6Isn) There are a range of prices with some coming from China, Hong Kong, etc...... Are they all the same? They don't come with the gasket from carb to engine, but that is also available for either $2.99 or $9.99(). What I don't see is a gasket for the carb to the air cleaner. If that gasket can be found or fabricated, should I order one of these carbs from overseas?
  8. Ironhorse1077

    1977 C-120 8spd runs and then shuts down

    In response to Squonk - Both. It happens intermittently. Again, thanks.
  9. Ironhorse1077

    1977 C-120 8spd runs and then shuts down

    Thanks all! I will try these suggestions today. Much appreciated advice!
  10. Battery charged, new cables, connections cleaned up, new spark plug, new air filter, ethanol free fuel, etc. Tractor will start and run - for a bit,.... then is shuts down. A friend thinks the coil may be overheating. It may need a head gasket - would that cause these symptoms? Maybe the carb needs rebuilt - clogging up with old bits of fuel line? I think today I may attempt to peek in at the points,..... I am finding it is both a blessing and a curse having multiple tractors - more fun, more headaches, more expense, more knowledge, more maintenance, more choices, more storage space, more options for towing a broke-down tractor back home from the neighbors house!
  11. Ironhorse1077

    wheelwieghts agin, a dumbo asks

    11lbs./gallon, non-toxic (unlike calcium chloride or RV anyifreeze), and a freezing temp. of -35F makes Rim Guard a no-brainer if you can find it. If not, you could juice your own beets,...
  12. Ironhorse1077

    Best Wheel Horse snow machines?

    You can't beat BEET juice for more ballast - nearly 11lbs./gallon, biodegradable (not harmful to pets either), inexpensive and won't corrode rims or even freeze until -35F. Adds nearly 70 lbs to a 23x10.5x12 tire. AKA "Rimguard".
  13. Ironhorse1077

    Wheel Horse Log Splitter

    Don't know 'bout a splitter, but I saw what appeared to be a log cutter attachment on the front of a wheelhorse at the Big Show last June. About a 16" chopsaw run off of the PTO if I remember correctly.
  14. Ironhorse1077

    New Hooves and a back spotlight

    Liking the rear spotlight,.....wondering what brew is in the glass? Looks yummy!
  15. Ironhorse1077

    Tiller compatability

    "Requires Service Assembly 105162" ? was something I came across during my search for an OM for the 1986 36" Tiller. Not sure what that is,...does it have to do with the length of the clevis? What purpose does the rock shaft serve? A preventive measure of some sort? Or a stiffener?