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  1. mikeeyre74

    Help identifying this machine?

    Fascinating, this Sherlock Holmes stuff. Mom is supposed to send me some more pictures, but it could take a while...
  2. My mom sent me a picture of my dads old wheel horse, it was the first garden tractor I ever drove. Here’s a picture of me on it back from 1996 or so… can anyone help identify this? My best guess is a C120 8 speed, late 70’s vintage.
  3. mikeeyre74

    Wanted 753 Main belt guard and/or seat

    I believe I have one from an 856 that had an 8hp Kohler in it... I'm not home right now to look at it but keep in touch if that'll work for you and I'll see if I can find it.
  4. Mine is 42" on the side discharge. While digging through the archives here, I found a manual for a 1968 model that was just like mine that even addressed the factory modification to the cut height issue I was having.. the adjustment handle being hidden under the floorboards. In either case part #25 in this drawing for my deck is shown to ba straight rod with a sliding trunion. It'll go back together this way and we'll see how she works then.
  5. Wait... That thing was *supposed* to be bent? What the... I just straightened it out afree it got squashed! 😂
  6. So closer inspection while I was unbending this one shows it was not the first time it got smashed like this. Somebody else wielded this back together once before at least. This one is about 9 inches long from tip to tail… is that correct? And I have removed the nut that was holding it from sliding down, thus preventing it from applying down pressure now. I can also tell by this custom “half nut“ that whoever was in here, did this on purpose. Weird.
  7. Thanks fellows. I’ve never had one of these old school decks before. Still learning...
  8. That’s exactly what’s happening on this one, but I think the machine they can twist it self into a pretzel and break itself probably was not designed that way… I am sure that I probably have the wrong Lift rod or something… Just gonna wait to see what other responses I get from the fellows here. I’m sure that this is probably the wrong piece.
  9. I read the manual, but it didn’t seem to address this adjustment...
  10. What did I do wrong here? I don’t really need downpressure on a mower deck, but I found that out the hard way when I put this on for the first time and lowered the deck, only to (briefly) lift the tractor into the air by doing so before the lift rod gave up the ghost.
  11. Thanks fellows! I couldn’t manage to find that info by myself. Thanks for the assist. I’ll get the right piece tomorrow.
  12. Also, what goes in this hole? Is it just a cotter pin or something more?
  13. I’m having a bit of a brain fart here, but is this how the spring is supposed to be attached? What’s that little nut and bolt sticking out right in back of the spring supposed to do… Is that just a stop for the idler when it’s in the “up“ position? Or does something else go there?
  14. And don’t that beat all.... ..an original from back in the day right on the shelf at my sorta local place. Thanks!
  15. There is a non-original spring on my 1969 Charger that holds the engine to transmission idler puller tight. I don’t have another to compare it to. Can someone give me a part number or some dimensions or tension or some kind of guidance as to a proper replacement, maybe from Tractor Supply or something? Or is it just not that critical and I’m over thinking it?