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  1. Wow...I guess I should be dead by now I used to braze the stuff with oxy acetylene...
  2. Dale520H


    There should be room for one in the truck...leaving space for more in the garage 😃
  3. Dale520H

    Onan parts or good replacement engine

    Cummins diesel owns Onan...last I talked to them I could buy a new engine for a 520 for 13 or 14 hundred...that was a long time ago though and the dead engine was a 90.
  4. Where can I get a new one or the prints to make one including the spring loaded locking mechanism...and the 60 inch mower is what wore it out I need to fix the cross bar that fits into the attach a matic....Please and Thank you...
  5. Dale520H

    Auction: 36 WH's, May 2, Medina, OH

    That's my area...Thanks for the heads up
  6. Dale520H

    520H 1996 Onan 220 Governor Adjustments RPM

    I've got the same problem with mine, I'm going after it today after breakfast and the treadmill.
  7. Dale520H

    60's engineering

    I'd like to meet the head redneck someday she's probably got all the COLD beer...hidden...
  8. Dale520H

    Foot Pedal Kit & Tiller

    I understand completely I'll probably do that too...
  9. Dale520H

    Foot Pedal Kit & Tiller

    Cleat...are those holes in the drive belt cover to help ventilate the rear cylinder?
  10. How does one get their hands on one of these pedals...