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  1. Jolopicus

    D250 Carb Adapter

    I wish i had a good setup, I've gotta go down to the Minnesota Transportation Museum, a place I'm a member of, to do any real milling. That or just 3d print the thing in metal... It's getting pretty cheap these days.
  2. Jolopicus

    D250 Carb Adapter

    Denny, thanks so much for this, saving me a lot of time, and I'm sure a few headaches! I hope they ship to the US.
  3. Jolopicus

    D250 Carb Adapter

    Any chance you could post the measurements for that bad boy? throat size, bolt distance/size... Also where did you get that rebuild kit from? I know there is a ton of info on RS, but I'm struggling to find specifics... Thx in advanced!
  4. Howdy, I've been trying to use the search function, but it's been returninga  500 error, are you aware of any issues with the search function on the site? I'm an IT guy, and have tried several browsers, and several other machines, still getting the same results.


    I can help troubleshoot remotely if it helps at all,




  5. Jolopicus

    Possible d250 buy

    My friend, if you can wrench you'll love this machine. I've been using mine for 7 months now, nearly daily. Mine came with the Ark bucket loader with separate hydraulic system mounted to the front. The thing I love about this machine is that it's very workable. It's not a bobcat, but I've moved about 20tons worth of MN mud and muck, then brought in another 10~15 tons of road base, and slowly but surely done so with the 250. The renault engine is a beast. It is tuned down significantly from factory to meet whatever laws there were at the time. I've opened mine up. custom intake, aftermarket filter, proper adjustments to the carb and regulator. It has class 1 leaks, but that's normal for something that old. I've got the wheel weights, but could probably use an additional 250lbs on the three point if I find the time to build something for it. I've also got a d180, which is also a beast in and of itself, but it just doesn't have the power and weight of the 250. Personally I prefer the manual tranny over the hydro, it creeps wonderfully better, requires nearly no adjustment and thus far is much more reliable regarding moving the levers and getting the speed/power you expect. I find the hydro on the 180 is there but you've really gotta get the rev's up to pull/push/lift. With the 250 you just lug a little like a diesel and it'll pull through. for 1k, as long as it's free and drive's it's a great deal! I paid close to 3k for mine with new rubber, ark loader and some updates to the pump system.
  6. Jolopicus

    Need D series Front Spindle Assemblies?

    Hey Guys. I know it's later in the conversation, but I've had surprisingly good luck with a couple of things in this realm. First, sorry for not having picts at the moment, will try to document and contribute as a good man should. I've got an 18 auto, with the 3/4" spindles. the spindle's weren't turning nicely, of course with a custom loader, ark-ish, it broke the steering thing after the steering gearbox. So, too much tension in the steering system with some heavy soil in the bucket. SO, to Axman surplus and a few other places around minneapolis/st. paul. I got thrust washers, 3/4" with two hardened washers on the top and bottom. B/c the axle's were worn from rough bolts used instead of proper cotter pins, I milled them down a bit so that adding the thrust and hardened washers still allowed the spindle to pop through. I then used what looks like a mess, but is actually pretty good. Norhtern tool 1" spindle, with a 3/4 to 1" bushing pressed into both bearings. Now you're right, it is not abit longer than the shaft allows, but I am a believer in the power of compression. I added a 1"x3/4" steel spacer to the end, and locked it in with a grade 8 bolt and a washer. works like a charm. the thrust washers, and 4 bolt spindle makes that thing turn and move perfectly... So here's my question: Are there any other heavier spindles that might work? The rest of the machine can handle all the weight, but those spindles are the weak part. Good luck gents, and again, in time i'll get some good picts uploaded. promise.
  7. Putting the Wheelhorse to work!

    1. muz123


      my horse is tilling