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  1. ernie laware

    418a kohler m18 spark plug replacement

    12/26/17--I did put in the NGK plugs. It got colder and 418A would not start. Pulled plugs and turned over, wire brushed plugs (new ones) but stillo not start--quick trip to auto store for starting fluid- still no fire, not even a pop. Pulled both plugs, turned over, then checked for spark. Had just a faint spark with the NGK's--put autolite on wire and had a better spark--even with the old plug. Now running on the old Autolite's.
  2. ernie laware

    418a kohler m18 spark plug replacement

    want to replace the champion plugs--rv17yc on my m18 kohler--thought maybe ngk ur4 would be a better application as the champion's do not seem to be as trustworthy as they used to be--also only use my 419a for snow removal with a wo238 berco mac 2 stage blower. Any help? Ernie
  3. ernie laware

    engine replacement

    Vanguard is a Briggs engine, one of the best--believe they are made for them by mitsubishi
  4. ernie laware

    engine replacement

    Could use some help with this. Local guy has 520 H with Honda 24 hp replaced engine. Was told years ago that if doing a replacement, that other engines would not hold up due to the pressure placed on the bearings when pto clutch is engaged causing the shaft to push through engine. What's right for engine replacement on 400 and 500 series tractors. Thanks Ernie
  5. ernie laware

    Tall Chute Iced Up

    Went to harbor freight and purchased a sonic cleaner, about $70.00 to clean my carbs--ethonal is puke stuff. I put about a 1/2+ cup of simple green in the water for use, run through about 4-5 times until water is pretty dirty, change water and have at it again. Pull carb and notice what choke and throttle cable setting are. Then I pull the bottom bowl if equipped, pull the brass nut on bottom, usually a 1/2" wrench and clean out the holes in it as good as you can, use a pin or even separate/strip some stranded electricial wire and unwind a bit to get the thin single strand and run through the holes in the brass nut. Then I count the number of rotations it takes to bottom out the two screws/ air and fuel, write this down so you don't forget and believe me if you don't you will forget and back them out all the way and place all the stuff in the sonic cleaner and clean. Don't loose anything--lay all parts out on a clean towel and reassemble, placing the air fuel screws in their same holes and same number to turns out after you bottom them out. If really dirty, I spray the carb after removal with carb cleaner, but that's not enough to get them clean the way the sonic cleaner does. That should solve the searching problem as I have had that in the past. Ernie
  6. ernie laware

    Tall Chute Iced Up

    Went to Wally World and bought their cheap spray on non stick cooking oil and blasted my blower and chute with it. works great to prevent buildup. Keep your PTO speed all the way up and go slower so chute clears out snow before building up. Ernie
  7. New to site, wheel horse owner since 1986, bought new 418a, 48" mower, tiller, berco two stage blower with cab. This blower has ALWAYS preformed way beyond expectations until this winter. Newish Kevlar 62" belt began to squeal and I replaced it with another gates Kevlar, same problem, bought belt conditioner and it's a little better but still squealing--seems to be coming from the engine PTO pulley. Have ordered but not received a new black regular belt like the one's I have used for the past 30 years. Maybe that will solve the squeal problem but what I am asking for is any solutions to this problem from other W/H members. Also would like to find another wo238 bercomac blower for standby. Have 417a with redone engine that it would go on. Ernie