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  1. Texis

    14hp Kohler cowling needed

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a Kohler Magnum 14hp cowling for my 314-8. Mine rusted out. Coastal dwellers have all the fun. Also need some misc sheet metal for the tractor (foot plates, side covers, etc. if you have some of that laying around! I just picked up another lawn tractor for mowing and this one is getting a mild resto for other yard duties. 17 years out in the weather and she still goes Thanks
  2. All OEM wires and switches on the little tractor have been gone for 10 years. I pulled 30ft of wires and bunches of switches out and replaced with 8ft of wire, 1 toggle and a push button. I started having wiring and switch issues about 5 yrs after I bought it. Did I mention the machine sits outside year round and we average 55" of rain a year. I used marine grade wiring, shrink wrap, toggle and push button. The wiring has been trouble free ever since. The set screw was still in place, and the shift lever pulled up through the donut, as the pin was sheared. I had to back the set screw out to get the donut out, gave the screw a very close examination... it's fine with no sign of wear. The jam nut was still very tight, locked against the casting. I think the way to go is as has been suggested, stab a new pin in the shaft-donut to get the correct location and alignment, then weld it. I'm a decent welder and once the parts are clean (grease free) it should be an simple weld. Thanks guys for all the inputs!
  3. Yes, the shaft fits correctly in the donut. The set screw end is fine, the pin broke leaving some of it stuck in the shifter, and two additional pieces in both sides of the donut. I would say it's abut .125" dia. The piece in the shifter had to be driven out. I'm breaking out the welder. Nice to know some of them came welded and that's an option.
  4. The pin that sheared was solid, I would hate to replace with a roll pin. I have had bad luck in the past replacing solid pins with rolled pins. Anyone have an exploded view of this thing with part numbers? The local Toro guys could order by PN (I would hope!) Thanks, you guys have already saved me big $$$$ and this site encourages me to bring the old girl back up to snuff I always liked that machine.
  5. Found some damage. The set screw is fine.. but there is a small pin that runs through the shift lever, into both sides of the pivot ball which is sheared. Good news is all pieces are accounted for! Any ideas on sourcing one of those tiny little pins? Our regional Toro dealer is marginal at best. Need to run down a shifter weather boot as well, old one is disintegrated.
  6. CORRECTION (for accuracy) I have "314" 8 spd.. So if I replace the set screw & jam nut it should shift properly? I assume mine is not the first Wheel Horse to experience this, is it common? AND if the set screw end fell into the tranny.. maybe nothing for years...and maybe mass destruction in 5 minutes lol.
  7. YES, it lifts right out of the trans. The shift lever is in good condition, looks fine. But it lifted out without having to remove/loosen the retaining bolt.
  8. Thanks, I didn't realize the shift lever came out without splitting the case. If the end is broken off, can the ball end be removed and another shifter installed? I will go have a look. Thanks
  9. First post guys... be easy. I have a 318 8spd with a screwed up transaxle. It appears that the shift forks are damaged, broken. The shifter will not engage any of the gears, just sits there in neutral. I am the original owner, purchased new in 2000. I have had no trouble with the transaxle since new and it gets a work out down here on the Gulf Coast. Cuts and acre a week, 9 months out of the year. Engine still runs strong. Being a fairly decent mechanic, it looks like I will need to separate the cases to get to the problem. I believe I can tackle the work, BUT I think it would be much easier to find a replacement transaxle, as replacing it seems easier than going into it. Suggestions? Thanks in advance.