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  1. Mgryder1

    Charger 12 transmission

    I got really lucky. We had a large container of random springs at work and I found almost an exact match. I wish I could give you parts numbers, websites, etc but that’s how I got it.
  2. Mgryder1

    Charger 12 transmission

    One last post, while you have your rear end torn apart, you might as well change all the oil seals. Rear Axle seal: SKF 11123, Brake Paw Shaft seal: SKF 4911
  3. Mgryder1

    Charger 12 transmission

    I hope these posts will help you guys. I could not have done this without Daves help and of course my equipment. If your transmission is torn up like mine was, you may need some of the same equipment. If I can help you guys with SOME of the lathe work I'd be happy to help. I am in the process of moving so I may not be able to get on it right away.
  4. Mgryder1

    Charger 12 transmission

    This little piece was also boggered up pretty good. If I remember correctly, this what the springs and plungers stroke into. To fix this one, I just chucked it in the lathe and faced it off.
  5. Mgryder1

    Charger 12 transmission

    Ultimately the broken spring and "plunger is what did my transmission in. I was able to find a new spring (part no. 7052) and I made a new plunger from a grade 5 1/4-20 bolt. There are two of the "plungers" and springs in the transmission, luckily only one of mine was destroyed which allowed me to measure the dimensions of the other one.
  6. Mgryder1

    Charger 12 transmission

    Same piece after final sanding on the surface plate.
  7. Mgryder1

    Charger 12 transmission

    This piece is made of cast iron and my goal was to get rid of the grooves that I circled in red in the top left picture. I didnt know how to braze at the time so I just MIG welded a bead to fill them in. Dont give me any $hit about welding cast iron...keep in mind, my transmission works and yours doesn't ha! I then chucked this piece in my lathe and faced off the welds. I only faced the welds down, not the cast iron surface. I then took this piece back the surface plate and did the figure 8 sanding like i did on the other pieces.
  8. Mgryder1

    Charger 12 transmission

    I did the same figure 8 sanding patter on my "lowes surface plate" on the brass slippers, these pull out individually. I wasnt able to get all the scoring out but I got most of it.
  9. Mgryder1

    Charger 12 transmission

    My transmission had a broken spring and its my guess that little pieces were cycled through the pump and thats how everything got so scored up. I dont know the name of all these parts and pieces so I'll do my best to explain what Im talking about. With that being said, Im trying to show the grooves (I circled one in red) that were cut into the oil filter looking piece. To get rid of them I purchased a manufactured tile from lowes and taped 120 Grit sand paper to it and did a figure 8 motion until a lot of the gouging was gone. I progressively went to finer grits 120, 220, 400,1200 until I got what you see on the right. It took a while.
  10. Mgryder1

    Charger 12 transmission

    Some of my pics may be repeats but here Im trying to show that round disc thats about the size of CD. This disc was all scored up and it hardened so its difficult to fix without a surface grinder...I simply poped it out and flipped it over.
  11. Mgryder1

    Charger 12 transmission

    OK guys, as promised I'm going to post my photos of what I did to fix my transmission. First, here is a video of how I "bench tested" my transmission. Ive seen all the suggestions about rigging up a belt to another tractor, and electric motor, etc etc...I came up with thiis, its simply a V-belt pulley on a shaft and I chucked the shaft in my battery drill. You have to run the drill in reverse if you stand on the side I was standing on. Transmission Test_Medium.mp4
  12. Mgryder1

    Charger 12 transmission

    Looks like I stopped posting Pictures once I got REALLY involved with rebuilding my transmission. I am happy to report that with Dave's help I was able to complete the rebuild and my tractor and transmission is still running strong 3 years later. I will try to go back to my archived photos this evening and post what all I did to get mine back up and going. Pullstart, I have a video of what I did to "bench test" my newly rebuilt transmission that I will try to post. Its really easy and may help you get a better idea of what your getting yourself into.
  13. Mgryder1

    3 rib tires

    Has anyone tried to mount 4" 3 rib tube tires to a 6.5" rim? I'd like to hear from someone that's tires it. Did it look terrible? -Matt
  14. Mgryder1

    K301 Stator

    Do the two wires coming off the stator have polarity?
  15. Mgryder1

    Kohler K301 Rebuild

    I needed several gaskets contained in the kit...if I were to buy them individually it would have cost about as much. My plan for now is to clean it up the engine as best I can without taking anything else apart, put it back together and see what Ive got. I got a new fuel pump...the old diaphragm was rough looking and it was $19 to replace...a new pump was $29. I had no idea if the checks in the old are good so a new pump was the best option. I'll give the JB Weld a shot on the oil tube...i believe they make high temp JB Weld, I'll pick some up tomorrow. If I'm not compfortable with the fix I'll just fine a replacement. That's the plan.