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  1. JAinVA

    Looking for stuff

    Dirt nap maybe.
  2. JAinVA

    Looking for stuff

    I have spent at least 30 minutes looking for some parts for an M14 in the shop tonight.I bought an RR and new fuel pump and put them with other WH parts for safe keeping.It seems I spend more time looking for stuff these days.Put it where I won't lose it and guess what, they disapear.I swear I find stuff that I got years ago and forgot what I bought them for.Darn, I didn't know I had that.I am sure this is not just me.
  3. Enjoy them when they are young.They grow up so darn fast.
  4. I hate to admit abuse of the tractor but I am pushing the original design to it's limits.I have said many times that these tractors for me are tools.I try to take good care of the tools and will always look for ways to make them fit my needs. I also try to make sure any modification I do make does not permanently alter the machines.This mod may be an exception.Thanks again for the information.I think d160 transmissions are in danger of being robbed.
  5. Man that is slick. I don't have a 14 but would like a wider stance for the crane tractor.This will help a lot!
  6. JAinVA

    314-8 Help Please

    If you hear a click then the solenoid is getting power to the primary circuit.The safety switches may not be the problem.It may just be the connections from the solenoid and battery.Check all the heavy wires for good connection.
  7. Eric, Beautiful pictures.Thank you for sharing.New England is a beautiful area year round but to cold for a southern boy. Jeff, is that the c30?
  8. Glad you weren't seriously hurt.The story is a good reminder that bad things can happen, even if we are careful.
  9. JAinVA

    Old TD6 on Blocks

    Oak blocks to replace return rollers is not that unusual.Seen it many times on old 2cylinder JD crawlers.I have seen a few with oak blocks as support roller replacements.That is one of the many challenges of old crawlers.The fixes people come up with to get one more job or season out of them is amazing.One of the reasons I like messing with crawlers is the very thing photographed.Way more than new tires and paint to get them up and presentable.JMHO.
  10. Thanks for sharing the photos.Looks like a beautiful day.There seems to be something for everybody.
  11. JAinVA

    Mower deck (#50720): Sell or Keep?

    The deck adds value to the machine.How much is subject to market,condition and demand.If you ever plan to sell the tractor, the deck is something most would like to have on one when they buy it.JMHO,Luck,JAinVA
  12. JAinVA

    1962 Cub Cadet Original

    Coming along nicely Tigman.
  13. JAinVA

    Tiller spring?

    Vender here Wheel Horse Parts and more has the spring you need.Doubt you will find the spring at the hardware store.
  14. JAinVA


    If Jim can build one to fit, I can vouch for the quality of his work.He knows his stuff.
  15. JAinVA

    Sears Bankruptcy

    To be honest I stopped buying from Sears when they abandoned the catalog.I think I am not the only one that did that.Find something you liked, like my Gilson batch mixer,go to the catalog store and order.When it got to the store, back up to the loading dock and load up.