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  1. JAinVA

    Sad times

    I started a thread here when Sears announced its bankruptcy.There were many members who had their opinions as to why Sears failed.I was talking to a cashier at the local Lowes and she told me that her husband hated Craftsman tools and bought only Kobalt.What of their warranty if they drop the brand?I have bought Craftsman tools for over 40 years and have broken only a few.I find I lose more than anything else.Just my take on the sad state of the new reality.
  2. Hope for the best and a speedy recovery.
  3. JAinVA

    417-A Steering trouble

    If the hints above don't solve the problem check to see that shaft 25 is not moving vertically.If it isn't secure then it can cause the problem you describe.
  4. JAinVA

    Prayers please

    It is always tougher when it is your child.You would do anything to transfer the pain to you. If he is being seen at UVA Medical you could not ask for more.I can say from experience that they are first rate..Best wishes and know that we all hope for the best outcome.Regards,JimAnderson
  5. JAinVA

    Leaf Management...WH Style...

    Novel way to deal with leaves.Wheel Horse/El Camino does something similar.
  6. JAinVA

    Awesome kids

    The album of life.Great memories for you and for all of us who are raising or have raised children.Out in the shop I have a pencil holder my 30 year old son made for me when he was four.It is a soup can wrapped in orange construction paper with his drawings on it.Brings a smile to my face when I see it.Thanks for sharing and enjoy your time with the kids.
  7. JAinVA

    Thought I was seeing double!

    I usually try to be upbeat and positive but what was the thought.I think this is the worst thing I have seen done to a tractor.Oh wait the John Deere farm tractor that was joined to face in opposite directions was even worse.Life is to short to put this much effort in to something this dumb.JMHO.
  8. I put a k341 on one of the 520h tractors I have.The only issue was that you need to make sure the crank centerline is at the same height as the Onan.If not the drive belt will rub against itself at the tensioner pulley area.
  9. JAinVA

    What are these holes for?

    Just a guess but they could be for locating pins during the stamping process
  10. JAinVA

    Shipping costs

    I buy and sell on E-bay.You have to compare totals for any item that comes up that you want.You also need to be patient.Sometimes someone will list something way cheaper than the going rate.With that said I have bought more than one item that shipping cost more than the price of the item.
  11. JAinVA

    I wonder what's in this package?

    Nice attachment.When using it with a manual lift make sure your knee is no where near the lift handle.If you snag something the handle can really slap the knee.Ask me how I know.
  12. JAinVA

    Magnum 12 hp oil leak

    A small amount of oil is not that unusual but that looks more than a small amount.Clean the engine with something like purple clean from Tractor Supply. Once clean it should be easier to trace where the oil is coming from.The possible leak sources and their repair are spot on but make sure of the source.
  13. You are doing it right! My daughter has a female friend who had a flat tire and didn't know what to do.Erin changed the tire.It was like magic to her friend.No big deal mom showed me how to change tires years ago.Mom is pretty handy to.You can't teach them everything but it is surprising what they pickup watching you.
  14. JAinVA

    Happy Halloween Ride

    Making memories with the kids.It might surprise you 20yrs from now what they remember of this activity.Enjoy them at this age cause they grow up so fast!
  15. JAinVA

    What's missing mower deck

    The hole on the right is to low for the lift bar.The lift bar cross shaft can be seen on the lower left.This is where it mounts.