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  1. JAinVA

    Sears Bankruptcy

    To be honest I stopped buying from Sears when they abandoned the catalog.I think I am not the only one that did that.Find something you liked, like my Gilson batch mixer,go to the catalog store and order.When it got to the store, back up to the loading dock and load up.
  2. JAinVA

    Grease Fitting

    Ground down 1/8" lathe tool bit to remove things like broke fittings.Hard and with sharps edges.I like Lucas Tacky Red.
  3. JAinVA


    That is certainly big enough to cause some damage if it goes the wrong way.
  4. JAinVA

    Grease Fitting

    Any NAPA.The small ones need to be tapped 1/4-28 straight thread.The fitting is tapered and will seal in about a turn and a half.I just bought an assortment kit of them on the bidding site.Cheap and you will have plenty.If you are missing a grease fitting on the base of a gear reduction steering set up they are tap ins.
  5. JAinVA

    Single screw vs dual screw hubs

    Exactly.I did the swap on the 312 custom and as get to them they all get studs.
  6. JAinVA

    Single screw vs dual screw hubs

    I was fortunate enough to have a freed up hub to use to pull the others with.Five long 3/8" all thread rods and nuts connect the tractor hub and the freed hub.A 10 ton porta power makes quick work out of removing the hubs.The nose of the 10 ton ram just fits into the 1 1/8" hub bore.I am still trying to come up with a variation of this set up for the hubs that have stud bolts.
  7. JAinVA


    Thanks for the info stevasaurus.Right now I am not planning to open the 416 box.The tractor was used commercially and has close to 1400 hours on it now.I hate to admit this but I have on more than one occasion banged into the shifter with a big foot when getting on.This is with the engine running so I want have a plan if I need to rebuild the 8speed.If I tear them apart I will do a thread with of course pictures.Thanks again.
  8. JAinVA


    Thanks Garry!
  9. JAinVA

    Single screw vs dual screw hubs

    Steveasaurus has bearing and seal cross information in the transmission section.This gives WH part numbers and there industry equivalents.Go there and you will be able to get your parts at a local NAPA. The seals aren't hard to change but getting the hubs off can be.The last ones I did took all a 10 ton porta power had to give.
  10. I am old enough to remember the huge yearly catalogs and I know I am not alone here.When Wendys first opened the tables had adds from the very early catalogs on them.One more thing that future generations won't see.Any thoughts?
  11. JAinVA

    Hurricane Michael cleanup.

    If I hear "If had known it was going to be this bad I would have left" one more time I am going to scream.Unless you were under a rock you were warned.It isn't just this storm but most of bad ones the last 10 years.If you are told to leave,GO! I am not just saying this,I have done it.
  12. JAinVA

    Single screw vs dual screw hubs

    If you have no issues after over 35 years then I wouldn't pull the hubs for just adding another setscrew.If you pull the hubs to replace the transaxle seals it might be a good time to add additional setscrews.JMHO Luck,JAinVA
  13. JAinVA


    Thank you for the reply.The reason I ask is I have a high hour 416 and a really nice transaxle from a low hour 300 series.If the upper gearset is the same I will keep the 1" axled trans for a future rebuild of the 416.
  14. JAinVA


    According to parts tree the upper gear train has the same part numbers between the 1" and 1 1/8" on the later 8speeds.Does anyone know if the upper gear train is the same between the two. They also show the same part number for things like the axles which I know isn't right.
  15. JAinVA

    what do you do over the cold winter months?

    If I made you laugh that was the goal.