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  1. Igor motoria

    Russian Wheel Horse

    WH 312A was worth $ 400 . $ 100 to the port , from NY to Russia ( St. Petersburg ) $ 400 . Customs cost $ 120 . All together about $ 1,000 .
  2. Igor motoria

    Russian Wheel Horse

    Flag is used , the flag of the most enjoyable for me ... Today the weather is not super : lots of snow , wind and minus 5C , but it works - carries bricks .
  3. Igor motoria

    Russian Wheel Horse

    Red square have mausoleum with Lenin`s mummy.
  4. Igor motoria

    Russian Wheel Horse

    Very thanks.
  5. Igor motoria

    Russian Wheel Horse

    Good day. The tractor was purchased on Ebay , in New Jersey. my friend took it and sent by sea to Leningrad (St. Petersburg ) . I was there and it was taken away and home. Custom made exhaust from an old washing machine made front axles and hubs for the wheels 25 inch ATV , make snow plow . It is like a tractor to me , I go into the woods for mushrooms and berries , for the trees (later I will make photos and videos ) . Now I'm doing a front axle with hydraulic motors . And very want to lock the rear axle.
  6. Igor, please tell us more about your Wheel Horse and how you use it.

    Steve, Indiana, USA

  7. Igor motoria

    Long rus winter

    When the snowblade does not help. But the trailer and shovel - it's good.
  8. Igor motoria

    25 AMP STATOR?

    I'm sure that you have a 25 amp . My control was by Moto scooter 10 amp ... and it worked well at low and medium rpm. Buy here is a single diode bridge 50amp on 12volt.(http://www.ebay.com/bhp/diode-bridge)... and aluminium radiator for this bride.
  9. Igor motoria

    25 AMP STATOR?

    I changed ( in my 301S) with 15 amp to 25amp . 15amp is not the total number of the windings. 25 amp alternator connected to the rectifier - regulator and it burned at high speeds .
  10. Igor motoria

    Kohler 301s oil sensor

    Very thanks.From russia : https://www.google.ru/maps/@62.3537702,50.0675541,9394m/data=!3m1!1e3.And this my(on small apgraides) :
  11. Igor motoria

    Kohler 301s oil sensor

    Good day.What the oil sensor? What he do? I think something is missing?