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  1. I’m lookin to sell my 1976 wheelhorse d250 with front pto driven hydraulic loader, 60” hydraulic dozer/plow blade, 2 60” cutting decks, rear pto rototiller, 3 point hitch, non running spare parts tractor w engine block and transaxle, extra radiator, carburetor, cap and rotor and exhaust muffler and original manual, rear tire chains. (Rear weights not included). I just don’t use it enough for it to be worth keeping so I’d rather someone else be able to use and enjoy it. Your not going to find all of these items all together as a package deal anywhere else. I’m not sure how to post up pictures but if your really interested send me your email and I’ll send pics. Or if someone will guide me in how to post on here I’ll add what I got.
  2. Hey all I have a 76 d250. Last time I had it out was about a month ago everything was fine. Went to start it up yesterday, and it starts but the clutch won't disengage to put it in to gear. Anyone ever have this problem before?? If anyone could shed any light on how to fix this id greatly appreciate it thanks.
  3. botzitaliano

    D250 with Moldboard plow

    The reason I raised the back of the plow up 1", is because I read on some forum that that was the way to do it. After hearing you guys and watching a few more YouTube videos. Looks like I got some bad info lol. I just made the adjustments you all suggested and man, What a difference. Now it really digs and turns the soil over really nicely. Really appreciate all your help and input. You guys are the best. Thank you. And I've never heard of plow day before. What's that all about??
  4. botzitaliano

    D250 with Moldboard plow

    Ok I will definitely try switching it to the next hole. How did you set your depth?? In a perfect world what I did should have worked, with jacking it up on the 6x6s. I appreciate all the info you are sharing with me. Thanks a bunch.
  5. botzitaliano

    D250 with Moldboard plow

    Not sure if it is a brinly plow or not. Bought it off craigslist and there's no markings on it. But I do have the same front hitch that you have and I believe I have it in the same mounting holes as the one you have in the picture. Can you explain what you mean but "floating" please.
  6. botzitaliano

    D250 with Moldboard plow

    Ok cool I'll give that a shot. Thanks. Yea in watching the video over it looks like the plow should be a little deeper.
  7. Hey all, just got my moldboard plow adapted and hooked up to my 3 point hitch, and plowed my first plot ever. To all of you who have experience with his have a little pitty on me, as it was my first time and I have no prior experience, just a new found passion for home farming. I've attached a video of me making a few passes(don't mind my wife yelling at my dogs, who were trying to investigate what I was doing). Could any of you who have experience shed a little light on how I'm doing and if I'm not doing it right, what I'd need to adjust to do it correctly. When I set the depth of the plow I jacked up the left side of the tractor and put a 6x6 under each wheel. Then dropped the plow down to where it was level with the ground, then raised the back up one inch higher than the front. As always any and all info and insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  8. botzitaliano

    steering wheel replacement

    Was thinking of getting a new steering wheel for my d250, because the plastic is all cracked. Needing to find out the size, i unbolted it and brought it to the workbench where the tapered shaft way measured 5/8" on the top and 11/16" on the bottom with a keyway on one side. 14" in diameter. And now that i have all the info i think i need, i go to Google and punch in that info and get nothing. Lol Does anyone know of anywhere that i can get one this size from?? Are there any ways to adapt to different sizes? And if not how hard is it to make your own?? Thanks in advance for any and all help!
  9. botzitaliano

    D-250 FEL build

    Thanks for the good information!! Im definitely going to be increasing my lines. Hopefully that'll help. Had a little problem the other day trying to take a video to show you guys. My adapter for my pto shaft that extends it out to the coupler snapped in half. So now i have to rework all that. Im having a hard time finding the "right" parts. Meaning, on my tractor the pto is 1 1/8" and when you go to buy adapters, theyre all 1 1/8" x 1 3/8". So me just trying to make it work ordered that one. So now from that adapter i have a quick coupler 1 3/8" 6 spline x 5/8" pump shaft. Which was the only one i could find that was close to what i needed. My pump shaft is 1/2" so i rigged that to make it work. It was working fine for a few weeks, but now everything is breaking and coming loose. Can any one point me in the right direction to find the right parts. Ive been through a lot of online sites and cant find what i need. There's one store about a hour away i found that sells tractor and farm equipment. So ill try to go there sometime this week.
  10. Hey all few months back i picked up a FEL for my 76' D-250. I believe it was off a older bowlens tractor. Im running the loader off the pto with a northern tool 4-8 gpm pump, 5 gallon hydro tank, 3/8" hydraulic lines, 20gpm filter off return side of tank. I got it working, it lifts weight. But my issue with it, is that it lifts very slowly. When the pto is on and pumps running, the gauge on the inlet side of the valve body doesn't read anything until the pistons max out, then i belive it reads 2000psi. Friend of mine suggested upping the pump supply line from 3/8" to 3/4"?? My other concerns now are: does the pto spin fast enough to run the pump correctly? And is my 20gpm filter on the return slowing anything down?? If theres any advice yall could share with me to help improve my situation, ill really appreciate it. Thanks Tomorrow ill take a video of the loader running so you can gauge the speed
  11. botzitaliano


    Ok cool thanks. Whats his name??
  12. botzitaliano


    Hey all just picked up a front end loader off a buddy of mine for my d250. He suggested trying to beef up the suspension and to look into a power steering system of some sort, to make maneuvering around with a load easier. With that being said can any of you point me in the right direction to do just that. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  13. Hey all was thinking of removing my current exhaust on my d250 and putting on a stack. I was hoping that some of you could shed some light on the right way and what the best materials to do the job are. And if any of you have pictures that you can share, theyd be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help
  14. botzitaliano


    Pfrederi are there any tiller brands that you know of thatll be compatable. Or is it strictly based off pto speeds??
  15. botzitaliano


    Shuboxlover pm me a few pics and price and well see if we can work something out. Never been to nebraska but if its worth it i may