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  1. I'm looking for a horse primarily to run my tiller and snow blower and free up my 315-8 to mow. It's a real pain to have to switch back and forth all the time. Well I found a 416-8 for not much money. It looks to be in fine shape (not the deck but I really don't need that) and would be perfect for my needs. The only problem is, it has an Onan engine. Many of you will read that and wonder what's wrong with me as there seems to be an Onan following here. Well, I had one Onan in my life and swore I would never own another one. It was just a bad experience. Anyway, this 16hp Onan appears to have around 1160 hours on it. Seller says it runs great and is firm on the price. I'm very leary of this engine but I do need to get something soon. Should I run away from this or would there theoretically be a lot of life left in the engine?
  2. jsPond

    Generation Gap

    Years ago I had a little fun with one of the guys at the local Sears. I was walking thru the tractors and mowers, just taking a look at what they had. A salesman approached me and asked "are you looking for a tractor?" I just looked at him and said, "yeah, do you have any?" He went on to help someone else.
  3. jsPond

    Kraynak,s display

    He looks pretty "tickled" to be on that tractor. My daughter took almost the same picture when she visited there almost a month ago. We were too busy to get up there this year but I really wish now that I had. I don't really know how to categorize the place. Kind of a nursery/greenhouse type place that just explodes for Christmas. If you ever want to see the Christmas display, go in November unless you really dig waiting in line. Here's their website. http://www.kraynaks.com/
  4. jsPond

    Question on a cab install

    Yeah, I figured it needed more. Couple that with the fact that the snow was starting to melt and it just wasn't the best situation. Had I got to it when it was fresh (around 8" and nice and fluffy) I think it would have done great. I just didn't have time to fool with it at the time. I'm sure I'll get another chance to see what it can do. Finally got the chains on today. What used to take a few hours now seems to get stretched out over days.
  5. jsPond

    Question on a cab install

    I do have a question about this blower. I finally got to use it yesterday. Didn't have to but I wanted to play. Can anyone relate to that? Anyway, it worked great, didn't miss a beat but I was a little disappointed in how far it threw the snow. I had the throttle up to mowing level. I guess maybe I'm expecting too much from a single stage and a double stage would throw much further. This basically threw the snow just to the other side of where a blade would push it if you can follow that. I was going very slow and the snow wasn't as deep as I would have liked it. I did notice at once point it started to blow better when I got into deeper stuff. Is that the secret? Load the thing up to make it blow further? Just curious as I still like the blower and it's a great option to have around.
  6. jsPond

    Question on a cab install

    Hillbilly, I THINK it was you that asked me for pictures of the Massey once I got the blade on. Well, I put it on tonight. I tried to message them to you but it won't let me attached the files. I put the horse in there just to keep it on topic. This is my winter arsenal.
  7. jsPond

    Cab install, HELP NEEDED, 416-8

    I'm far from an expert on this but I did just go thru a similar situation with mine. One difference I had was the bend in my side poles is much more severe than what is in any picture posted here. Mine leaned hard tot he left when I first put it on. I simply pushed on it until I got it to where I wanted it to be for the most part. In my opinion, you should be fine to push down on the window frame carefully and bolt it to the other frame, then see where you stand. I wouldn't be afraid to apply some pressure to get closer to where you want to be, after all, these things weren't made yesterday, they can take a little punishment. Look at my thread "Question on cab install" and see what troubles I had. You're in the exact right place to help you thru this. Goos luck and let us know how it turns out.
  8. jsPond

    Question on a cab install

    If mine was just 1 1/4" I think I would have been in great shape. Thanks for the pics though. I may have to check mine just for giggles later. For now, it's on and sturdy so I ain't messin with it. Thanks to all who chimed in on this. Forums like this are so helpful. Not sure what we ever did without them.
  9. jsPond

    Question on a cab install

    Well, for better or worse, right or wrong, it's done. It's not too bad and I was able to take enough bend out that I can lower the blower just fine now. Zipper is broken on the side with the crank but that's not a big deal I suppose. Here's the finished product.
  10. jsPond

    Question on a cab install

    Interesting mounting on that one. Looks very sturdy. I got mine done. I'll post some pics as soon as they load.
  11. jsPond

    Question on a cab install

    Yeah, I have an idea on how I want to do that if it comes to that. My main problem right now is getting this to fit right to where I can lower the blower the whole way. I need to bend that bar back but it sure looks like a factory bend to be. I don't want to kink it.
  12. jsPond

    Question on a cab install

    Yes, I'm sorry, I did catch that and like the idea. I just figured that if I'm going to do that, I may as well just make a whole new one. This will probably be my go to if I decide not to make a new crank. It's a great idea, thanks. Now if I really want to be creative (and lazy) I can just make a straight rod and put a cordless drill on the end to turn the chute. Nah, I'm not quite that bad yet!
  13. jsPond

    Question on a cab install

    I wondered about the bend but it sure looked factory. I'll attempt to straighten it a little and see what happens. As long as I can get it to clear enough to let the blower sit down on the ground, I'll be happy. Thanks. As for the crank to turn the chute, I think I'll see what kind of a pain it is to use it as it is before I alter anything. If anything, I may just fabricate a whole new piece rather than add to the existing. I would like to keep the stock piece stock if I can. The new one just wouldn't have the fancy handle but I can live with that. Thanks guys, I'll let you know how it turns out.
  14. jsPond

    Question on a cab install

    Ok, I need a little more guidance here. Working on the cab install tonight and I'm thinking I either did something wrong or these cabs are not made for tractors with a manual lift. In the first series of pictures, tell me, am I correct in what I did? The lift lever interferes with the cab frame. Seems like that shouldn't be. It's important to note here that I didn't put the frame together. It was already together when I bought it and it was installed on a Toro tractor that was not a 300, 400 or 500 series. The PO may have moved things around that I am not seeing. Also, the crank to turn the chute on the blower doesn't even make it to the cab frame. This may answer itself when I get the outer sheeting on but for now, wha????
  15. jsPond

    Question on a cab install

    I'll see what I can do about pictures. Usually, once I get going and everything is coming together I completely forget to stop and take pictures. Hmmm, sounds like a New Years resolution to me.