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  1. I have a 42" Snow Blower for Sale. Includes the lift tube and flag. This was used most recently on a 1979 C-161, but it will work on many other models. I used it for over 10 years here in Michigan and never had a problem clearing my drive way, even in the worst conditions that we ever had. The wheel weights were made by Wheel Horse as well and have the company logo on them. Also included are tire chains and the carriage bolts to attach the weights. Hopefully somebody in this community has a use for this. I no longer have the space to store it or a tractor to put it on..
  2. I have a one owner 1979 Wheel Horse for sales. Also included is a 48" mowing deck and a 42" snow blower. Tractor is a hydro static drive model with hydraulic lift. The original Kohler K341 is still in the tractor. The tractor also has wheel weights and chains. I also have a full set of manuals. The engine runs strong, but it does burn a little oil. Hydro drive seems to be pretty strong. I used the tractor to mow grass and throw snow at my last house and it did both jobs very well. I have moved and cannot store this equipment. That is the only reason I am selling it. If you have questions please feel free to drop me an e-mail and I will do my best to answer them. Thanks for looking.
  3. vandamja

    1967 Model 1067 and RL-426 42" Mower Deck

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  4. vandamja

    1967 Model 1067 and RL-426 42" Mower Deck

    Changed Price to $500 OBO
  5. vandamja

    1967 Model 1067 and RL-426 42" Mower Deck

    Changed Price to $600 OBO
  6. I have a 1967 model 1067 for sale. I've owned this since April 2006 and used it as my primary mower for about 4 years. In the fall of 2007 the connecting rod in the K241 broke, so at that point I had the engine rebuilt. The engine runs very well. In 2010 I acquired a C-161, and since then that has been my primary tractor, so the engine has fairly low hours. The tractor never had good axle oil seal life, so in the fall of 2010 I split the 6 speed transmission open and replaced the needle bearings that supported the axles. The larger ball bearings were in good shape.The same seals that I put in when I did that project have been in place since and there are no leaks. The deck cuts well. There are a few small pinholes where there is some rust, but it is in pretty good shape considering it is almost 50 years old. I have the original manuals, as well as the original bill of sale from a dealer in Grand Blank Michigan. I recently moved and just don't have the space to store this tractor anymore. That is the reason I am looking to find it a new home. Ive added some better pictures in a comment. This is a very original tractor. Believe it or not it still has the original Wheel Horse tires and seat on it. In addition to the work i mentioned above, over the years I have replaced the fuel pump, the capacitor, installed a carb kit, replaced the regulator, and a throttle cable. I also put a different muffler on it to quiet it down a bit. I think the only real modification I made to it was to install a modern tach-a-matic assemble to the front of it so it could accept a snow blower. It does have tach-a-matic fittings on the rear of the tractor for a blade, but i have never used one with it.
  7. vandamja

    C-161 Front Wheel Bearings

    Thanks. I guess I should have looked at the quantity that was called out for those bearings before I placed my order. I just looked again, and it does show a total quantity of four, but the exploded illustration does not show the one on the outer side of the rim.
  8. The front "passenger" side wheel bearing on my 1979 c-161 failed. I had not been driving the tractor much this summer, and when I went to give it a fall clean-up, I noticed it. It had been driven on long enough that the outside of the rim was split, and there was more or less shrapnel inside the hub. I looked on toro parts viewer, and saw that there was a shim washer, bearing, rim, shim washer, shim washer, washer, c-clip. I thought it very odd that there was no outer bearing. Well the parts came to repair the wheel, and low and behold, there is an outer bearing. Is this not replaceable? Is it part of the rim? I had welded the split rim in hopes I could make it work. Should I be l be looking for a new rim? Thanks for any insight you can provide.
  9. I've put new points in it and adjusted the timing. I've also put a carb rebuild kit in it. The oil usage is enough that it is a little concerning. It probably goes from "full" on the dipstick to "barely reading" on the dipstick" in about 20 hrs. I'm 99% sure that the head has never been off. Carbon build up is not going to lead to oil usage right? This tractor was used to mow 2+ acres for nearly 30 years. The engine has to have well in excess of 2,000 hours on it. I know these old Kohlers are amazing engines, but it would seem that after that much time and those many hours, a rebuild might be in order? The last think I want is for this engine to torpedo on me. Maybe I'm wrong and the hours are not a big concern?
  10. Hello, I've got a 1979 C-161 with a Kohler K341 in it. Completely original engine that has never had any major work done to it. I know the original owner, who purchased it new in 1979. It's an awesome tractor with an equally awesome engine. But all of you know that already. It has used some oil ever since I became its caretaker, and it has become increasingly difficult to start. Once it is running it is strong. A bit of Blue smoke. It does have a bit of a miss at top speed, but I've come to believe that is not all that uncommon with these engines. Anyway, I want to have it rebuilt this fall. I've used a shop in Holley MI in the past, Al's Small Engine, but it appears they are now out of business. I am in the Brighton/Milford area, which is about half way between Lansing and Detroit. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good shop? I know there is one in almost every town, but it is hard sometimes to know which ones are good. Thanks.
  11. vandamja

    1979 C-161

    Sorry for the delay in the response. I was out of town for over a week for work, and I've been catching up on stuff ever since. I ended up having a loose wire connection at the coil with the black wire that comes off the PTO safety interlock. So I fixed that. But, at the same time I had unplugged the wire harness off of the PTO safety interlock. So I plugged that back in. When I tried the ignition the tractor started. I suspect that there was a bad connection between the safety switch and harness, as I don't think a loose connection at the coil would prevent the tractor from turning over. But maybe I am wrong on that. I did find out that I also have something going on with the seat safety switch. It has never worked, as a person can get off the tractor with the blades engaged and it will still run. I don't have any kids that are old enough to mow, so it was not real high on my list of projects, but since I was checking all the electrical connections I thought I would see what the deal was there. I tested the switch and to my surprise it works. Continuity when it is depressed and none when it is released, so perhaps there is a short in the PTO switch or something. The PTO safety interlock does work, and so does the clutch switch. It would probably be a smart thing to get a new one. Thanks for all your help on this. Electrical system gremlins can really be frustrating.
  12. vandamja

    1979 C-161

    I will try jumping it. That and the fuse are the only things sitting between the battery and the ignition harness. Maybe a bad connection at the solenoid for the red wire that brings 12V to the ignition switch? Can someone confirm that the safety interlocks do not cut power to the lights? I'm 99.9% sure that they don't.