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  1. mels

    Looking for plow blade and snow blower for C-160 8 speed

    Just listed mine for sale locally (Connecticut) on CL: https://nwct.craigslist.org/grd/d/snow-plow-for-wheel-horse/6436442828.html e-mail me at mestimmel2@gmail.com if you're interested, as I'm very seldom on this site these days and most likely won't see your communication otherwise Mel
  2. Right on, yeah a lot can change over 13 years or so. I guess a call to PPG to see what the current number which replaced the 72034 is would be the easiest way to figure it out. The guy at the paint counter just looks at me with a blank stare like he's spent too many hours in the paint booth himself... Lol If I come to any resolution with PPG, I'll let y'all know (either way) Thanks again, Gents. Mel
  3. Thanks Gents. I won't be able to head back there until the 21st, will update y'all then. Thanks again!
  4. 72034, according to the paint guy at Levine's is a bad number also. I'm about ready to give up and paint it flat black but he'd probably tell me thats a bad number too
  5. Thanks, Fellas. I'll head over tomorrow morning and see if they can find that listing.
  6. Posted in the stickied thread at the top of this page a few days ago, but haven't received a response. Local paint shop is telling me that PPG number listed for the earlier tractors is no longer a good number. Does anyone have the current number? I'm trying to have a wagon blasted primed and painted but the guy won't begin until he has paint in-hand... Thanks guys, Mel
  7. Gents, according to my local paint supplier the PPG number listed at the beginning of this thread for the earlier models is no longer valid. Does anyone have the correct, current PPG number for the red? Thanks, the guy doing the sandblast prime and paint on that old dump cart of ours is holding off until I can get him the paint.
  8. mels

    2003 42" Rear Discharge Deck

    Haven't heard from seller, just sent e-mail.
  9. mels

    2003 42" Rear Discharge Deck

    Sent you a PM, I'm interested in this mower
  10. Long overdue update: Hard to believe it's been nearly a year... Mark is out and doing better. Not able to live on his own as in many ways he's much like an average 12 year old. He'll be 30 in June. Girlfriend from before the incident has stuck with him and is caring for him. Things could be a lot better, BUT, they could also be much worse. Through the grace of God he is alive and able to visit, and enjoy a meal, and have a relatively decent conversation. Couldn't really ask for more than that. Been a while and man we've had a ton on our plate but things are looking up. Wanted to thank you all for all you support, Prayers, PM's, sharing of your own injuries and TBI experiences, it's all been good stuff and my Bride and I are truly grateful. Grace and peace!
  11. mels

    1951 Ford 8N - low oil pressure

    Hey, not for nothing but how are you verifying that there's no pressure? I ask only because I've had gauges go bad or the cap tube feeding them clogged with junk. Is there a way on that engine that you can at least confirm you are oiling, meaning, that although you're not seeing any pressure, is oil circulating?
  12. mels

    Exhaust extension

    Whats keeping a guy from fabbing up a pipe that extends the exhaust down and all the way out the back like the exhaust is on this old '58 641 Ford of mine? I was tossing around the idea of doing the same to this '120...
  13. mels

    520-h 48" deck and 4 hubcaps

    Yup I wouldn't mind coming across one priced like that. Looks to have the makings of a good mowing machine.
  14. mels

    where have all the horses gone

    Ooof. I guess I'll go ahead and be the party pooper lol... Man, you'll never find a tractor (or anything else for that matter) that'll live up to the hype you've created since you were a little kid. Forget it. Throw in the towel now while you still have half a chance. Pay the freckled kid down the road to mow and shovel, and take the money you just saved yourself and get yourself a new recliner - for the garage! PS, one of them college fridges work nice as a table next to your new recliner. Paste a bunch of Cub Cadet, John Deere, of and why not, NASCAR crap all over it and man you'll be the envy of every neighbor out there.
  15. mels

    The new Farm truck...

    Looks and sounds good. Making me jones for my old ford that's trapped in Tennessee!