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  1. lodestonefarm

    520 H

    Hi Nick, I've also got 520H I'd be willing to sell. It gets regular use but hours are around 800. If you're interested let me know. It's the only machine I have so I'd probably want to include all the attachments I have with any sale (tall-shoot snowblower, 60" deck (in good but not great shape), snow plow, mid-mount grader blade, and front-mount carrier for smaller deck). I'm not in Ohio, but I'm close ; ( western PA about 30 miles north of 80, about 30 miles east of Ohio line.
  2. lodestonefarm

    Another 520 that won't start

    Thanks for the suggestions. I ran the blower yesterday to clean up a bit. Started right up. Things are finally warming a bit. We've probably had almost 24 hours of temps above freezing in the last 3 days. She's totally snow free today and it's currently 38 so she should be good and dry the next time I need her- probably Saturday if the forecast holds.
  3. lodestonefarm

    Another 520 that won't start

    Because this was the easiest thing to do- setup a hair dryer and go back inside where it's warm, I tried this first. Bingo. About 30 minutes of the hair dryer and she started right up. Thanks! I was able to get the drive cleaned. Of course it's already started snowing again and since it doesn't look like temps outside will get above freezing for a few days, I wonder if there's anything I can do to prevent this from happening again. My tractor is missing one of the 2 frames that the headlights sit in. I suppose additional snow could be getting behind the hood via that gap, but given how much snow swirls around when blowing, I kinda doubt filling that gap will do anything to keep the snow away from the starter/solenoid. I was looking at how to do this but bailed on it and went with the hair dryer. It look like much more than a 3 minute job to me so I must be approaching it wrong. Looked to me like I had to take the cowling off around the engine to even get to the bolts. I must be way off.
  4. lodestonefarm

    Another 520 that won't start

    Hi Guys, Thanks for all the suggestions. Sounds like I've got my work cut out for me when I get off work. One of these days I'm going to build a heated garage. I'm not looking forward to working on this in 0 degree weather, but thankfully most of these approaches don't sound too bad. I think getting the starter pulled off is the 'worst' and that doesn't sound too bad. I'll post back with my progress/results.
  5. lodestonefarm

    Another 520 that won't start

    Hi Jeff, thanks for responding. For better or worse, I don't have the dreaded 9-pin molex. Previous Owner(s) did wiring work and that's no longer here. At least I can't find it. I'll have to hunt around for grounds because I don't think it's a bad sensor. When I turn the key to On and wait by red dash indicators all go out except for the Oil light. That's normal behavior for this machine I believe. If I put the motion lever into something other than neutral, when I turn the key to 'Start' I get no click, but the 'Motion Lever' light on the dash is lit indicating I'm in gear. Same goes if I engage the PTO and try to start it: no click, but the dummy light on the dash lights up so I think those are working correctly. Is that a sufficient indication that the safety switches are working? The seat switch was remove by the PO as well. I'll work through the demystification guide to see where the appropriate grounds are/should be. This machine is very dependable in warm weather but in cold (after snow blowing) it's finicky.
  6. lodestonefarm

    Another 520 that won't start

    I went out to use my 520H with blower this evening and it won't start. I used this machine a few days ago (for the first time this winter). The battery has been on a trickle charge so I don't think that's the problem. It's done this before where it won't start, won't start, and then starts. Usually that is in cold weather and after I've previously used it to blow snow. I don't have a heated garage so I think it might have some ice somewhere that was introduced as water the last time I blew snow. Here's what it's currently doing. When I turn the Ignition to 'On' the red warning lights and the dashs light all come on. When I turn the key to start position I get a single 'Click' and nothing more. I tried jumping it from a hot battery just to rule out a bad battery. Same behavior. Following some of the other threads about 520s with trouble starting, I pulled the blue wire off the starter solenoid. If I run a jumper wire from the (+) side of the battery directly to the solenoid I get the same behavior (regardless of key being in on or off position)- small spark where my jumper wire is touching the battery terminal and a single click. I'm unsure what this means about the solenoid and if that, in any way tests, the starter. Could it be that my starter is bad/frozen? I tried using a heat lamp to warm up that area, but in this weather (and my garage, which is really just a tarp shed) that just isn't going to work. I've downloaded the demystification guide and started looking at it but I'm hoping someone might have some suggestions. Snow is falling and I'm not making much headway on this. Thanks
  7. lodestonefarm

    Mid-attach only grabbing on one side

    @gwest_ca @Aldon Thanks for the link to the drawings. It's very hard to see under the machine, especially with the mowing deck in the way, but based on that drawing I think you're right. The 'catch' on the end of part 17 that's opposite the handle swings freely. It must no longer be rigidly attached to the shaft. Maybe I'll wire it into place for the rest of the mowing season, so the deck doesn't drop on the one side, and then weld the rod (part 17) back to the clasp after taking the deck off at the end of the season. The big deck has wallowed out the mount points a bit but not to the extent that it should/could fall free when closed properly. I think it must be the connection between the rod and the 'clasp'. Thank you gentleman for the info. Much appreciate.
  8. The mid-mount attachment on my 520 keeps opening on one side. The 'drivers' side (where the release handle is) stays closed but the passenger side keeps opening and letting the mowing deck 'slip'. This is with my 60" deck if that makes any difference. The little hanging 'tooth' that swings under the mowing deck bar just keeps flopping forward and letting the bar fall downward. Is there supposed to be a spring or something like that which would hold that closed? I'll try to get some pictures if my (poor) description doesn't get the situation across. Any thoughts or locations on the forum where I can find an exploded view of the center attac-o-matic? Thanks
  9. Hello,

    I have a front mount deck carrier I would sale. I'm near Pittsburgh (Sewickley) Pa. 100.00 will take it. Neds the center pin repaired. should work on the 520 model.



    PM me if interested

    1. lodestonefarm


      Hi Mike-


      Sorry I missed your post.  I was on the road, and part of my trip was a stop in Johnstown where I picked up a carrier.  


      I'm sure if you post it here you can get rid of it.   


      Did you ever use your's?  If so, how'd it work?

  10. lodestonefarm

    Front Mount deck carrier

    Nice setup. I'm looking for something just like! Do you know if one of these carriers would work on the front of a 520 with forward swept axle? How much room is there between the rear of your mowing deck and the leading edge of the front tires? I had two ideas for this 1. move my 60" deck out front so the weight isn't being carried by the tractor and so I can attache/detach it much easier 2. brush hog duties where I could get the deck further up in the air. (seems like this is what you're doing). Had a chance to use it yet? How's it work? Any idea if a 60" deck would even fit that rack (even with a bit of modification)? Thanks and nice setup!
  11. lodestonefarm

    Missed you guys, it's been awhile!

    I'm impressed. That's a big pile and not a small space to cover. Nicely done. I'm interested in the chain link dragger. I've got a lot of "yard" that I've been trying to smooth out and turn into a nice grassy area free of ruts, stones, post-holes, etc. I've heard chain link fence does a nice job. I had some old pallets around that I tried. Worked ok but didn't take long for the pallet to pull apart. I've also heard an old mattress carcass works but thankfully don't have one lying around.
  12. lodestonefarm

    Missed you guys, it's been awhile!

    Thanks. I hear you about plowing your investment into the grass. Did you spread it all with your mid-mount grader blade or did you have another method for moving it around?
  13. lodestonefarm

    Missed you guys, it's been awhile!

    I really like the updated barn. Nice work. What kind of gravel is that you spread in front of it and how does it handle show removal? thanks
  14. lodestonefarm

    520H or 520Xi? HELP!!!

    Hi Eric- I've got about the same situation. I've got less grass to cut (probably .75 acres) and a 700' driveway to keep clear of snow in winter. I've also got a 24HP Yanmar diesel with loader and box blade for the 'big' jobs. I found a 520H with 60" deck, 700 hours, and snow plow for $1000 about 2 years ago. I'm very pleased with it. It does a fine job mowing and handles the snow duties with joy. I added a tall-chute snow blower which has no problem keeping the driveway clear. I know nothing about the Xi, though I will say I wish the 520 were faster in both forward and reverse. A little extra speed for plowing snow and also when cutting grass would be nice. Even with the wide deck there's plenty of power to mow faster. My yard has lots of obstacles so higher speed isn't that big a deal. If the 520 is in good shape, I'm sure it will meet your needs. I like that implements aren't that hard to find. It is a bit thirsty but I really do like that it's gas. It starts right up in winter where as my 'big' tractor needs to be plugged in. Not the 520.
  15. lodestonefarm

    NOS 50" mid mount grader blade for 5xi series

    Any idea what it would take to get it to fit a 520?