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  1. Thanks @pullstart all is well just been too busy to have any tractor time. I have been working on my metal lathe so I can make parts for my tractor projects. Too much windshield time for work right now to get much shop time. Jay
  2. JPWH


    Very generous of you richie count me in. Jay
  3. I hope you have a great day!
  4. JPWH

    From The Horses Mouth Book

    @Dan693 It is currently for sale on flea bay.
  5. JPWH

    Happy Birthday Paul

    Paul, Have a great day!
  6. Probably a step up down transformer and a buck boost transformer.
  7. Terry, I hope you are having a great day! Jay
  8. I finally finished my lathe project except for painting the stand and putting it it's permanent location. I have been using it some and now I am ready to get back on wheel horse projects again.
  9. Steve I hope you have a great day!
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    Happy Birthday Denny

    Happy Birthday Denny. I hope you had a great day!
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    Happy Birthday Mrs. Vinylguy I hope you had a great day!
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    Happy belated Birthday Howard I hope you had a great day!