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  1. DennisThornton

    A Sobering Day

    All these fingers are crossed as well.
  2. DennisThornton

    What is this

    That's one you buy and ask about later.
  3. DennisThornton

    What is this

    Go get it! Now!
  4. DennisThornton

    What’s a 36” mid mount grader blade worth?

    Hard to come by in this area. $150 would be a steal! $200-250 a bargain but expect to pay $350 if you can't wait. I have one for the D-series and still looking for a Classic series. Problem is I don't own a D-series tractor...
  5. DennisThornton

    Happy Birthday Jay

    Happy Birthday for sure!
  6. Dennis,  You seem like the guy to ask.  I have my dad's 1968 Lawn Ranger.  I would like to have it restored.  Do you know how I can go about finding someone to do the job?

    Thank you.

    1. DennisThornton


      That's a tough one, but I think you've come to the right place but perhaps the wrong guy.  I'd suggest you do it with our guidance but I also realize that could be a big undertaking and I gather not one that you are willing to do.  So!  Why not start a thread stating your wishes and location and hopefully someone will know someone near you that would be willing. 

    2. larcab


      Thank you very much Dennis.  I would love to do it myself but lack the time.  My original idea was to do it with my dad but his health has taken a turn for the worse so I'd like to expedite the process so he can enjoy the finished product.

    3. DennisThornton


      Understood.  And very admirable motivation.  I'd post something to that effect on one of the forums.  Perhaps you could piece it out.  Maybe someone would do the frame.  Another the sheet metal, engine and...  A thought. 

      Good luck.  We'd all pitch in with advice to help. 

  7. DennisThornton

    If 5xi hydro is over filled, is it toast?

    I gather there are 2 new entries, fluid and filter. I doubt it's the fluid. Logic tells me to at least investigate the filter. Directional? Defective? Bypass it perhaps? Or maybe it's just a red herring...
  8. DennisThornton

    Hoping to get some assistance from Wheel Horse members

    Very sorry for your loss... You will find a great deal of Wheel Horse knowledge here to help you with whatever you decide to do.
  9. DennisThornton

    Loading Shovel

    Might need some more closeups. Maybe you could start another thread.
  10. DennisThornton

    Loading Shovel

    We both thought the steering would be light handed. I'm surprised. All lubed up well? Maybe some thrust bearings on the front spindles would help.
  11. DennisThornton

    Spotted this old one, What is it?

    Me neither but certainly interesting.
  12. DennisThornton

    Loading Shovel

    Now that you've had a chance to use her, what are your thoughts? What are you even more thrilled with? What might you do differently?
  13. DennisThornton

    Spotted this old one, What is it?

    Would like to find one! Until then I'd like to know more!
  14. DennisThornton

    Spotted this old one, What is it?

    Cast front axle and what appear to be a pretty rugged rear! Very interesting!