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  1. Redisbest


    Thank you John....it does as most of my Wheelhorses....never came to mind....probley because I don't mow with the xi.....thanks a ton.....I was just looking at the wire schematic an d realized it had the key switch...,here's your sign.....lol.
  2. Redisbest


    Has anyone disabled the reverse safety switch on there xi ....I have concluded it puts to much abuse on my snowblower chain tension.....having to re-engage PTO after backing up just puts to much wear on associated parts...that constant enertia just puts to much give on adjustment idler....I want to bypass the switch that disengages the PTO when you go into reverse....than go forward again without having to reset PTO....thanks
  3. Redisbest

    522xi snowblower repair

    Update....hey guys thanks for the input....I pulled it all apart....I bought a new impeller, made a new impeller and auger shaft myself... I took the set screws out of impeller and wired it back so it wouldn't hit the augers when engaged....to check the main empeller shaft....it still wobbled....but not as bad. Took the auger shaft out and put it in v blocks and dial indicated it again....it was out .260....put it in press and got true with in.010. Since I commercially blow with this I decided to make two new shafts, new main bearing with lock collar and save the old impeller and shafts for replacements ( I have 2 blowers). I replaced all bushings and thrust bearings, and new bronze bevel gear on auger shaft( that's is a major pain in the a__)....she purrs like a kitten. I also made a auger gear box stabilizer like Kurt made to help keep it stable if one hits a trailer hub or some other foreign object😣will send photos after paint....thanks for the input guys !
  4. Redisbest

    522xi snowblower repair

    It's a noise I never want to hear again ! I'm surprised WH didn't put a shear pin on impeller....it would need a collar in front to keep it from going into auger if it did shear.... maybe they didn't want to weaken the shaft with a hole in it...plus the vibration of not being set screwed. Thanks Jeff,Jim...let you know how it turns out.
  5. Redisbest

    522xi snowblower repair

    I planned on making a support just like this... I had to make 1 flight and 2 gussets....plasma cut them from a template made from the one that wasn't screwed up...made from same metal thickness....put welds back in same place...put on surface plate and got it really flat with dial indicator...I can pull keyway on impeller put some anti-sieze on shaft ..safety wire it back and see if the gearbox still moves...if it does...part of problem would be auger shaft is bent also....I can try to balance it on a fulcrum and measure each ear...like a mower blade...think that would work ?
  6. Redisbest

    522xi snowblower repair

    Jeff...over the yrs of working on these I found that Toro original parts from SLE are almost half the price that Toro wants....just for your info.
  7. Redisbest

    522xi snowblower repair

    Jeff..hope this helps....God know I'm no cinematography guru by no means ! I can remove impeller and try it. If to unstable I can redo. TRIM_20180107_185255.mp4
  8. Redisbest

    522xi snowblower repair

    Put it back together same as took apart....the steel worm gear may have been flipped but that should not cause problem...it is symmetrical. I will try to post video tomorrow...never posted vid on here before.
  9. Long story short....blowing a customers drive and pulled in a cast iron trailer hub into secondary....bent the impeller flights all to h#&?. So I had to tear down blower to fix this and right auger was bent also. I had new seals,bushings and thrust bearing for auger gearbox and auger in stock so decided to redo that while it was torn down. Installed new parts and assembled from front to back. Assembled sides of snowblower to auger shafts, kept outer auger shaft bearings hand tight...impeller gearbox rebuilt on assembly, to line up and help set preload on thrust bearing in gearbox i removed bearing flange,bearing and locking ring on main chain sprocket ( turns impeller shaft). Reset flanges, bearing and lock collar. Reached in chute and set impeller .Thinking this would center and set all tolerances at once. Made sure all idlers and sprocket were in line. Start up and engaged PTO...now the gear box moves up and down and front to back....I don't see why I have movement back in forth in relation to impeller shaft & gear housing ? I know there should be some play....but not this much....it's the up and down motion that has me concerned....acts like a bent impeller shaft AND auger shaft....when i had out I dial indicated and they were fine... suggestions ?
  10. Redisbest

    79366 model snowblowers

    Serial number is 8900632...Garry I have owner & parts manual already....unless there is a manual I don't know about...I'd appreciate it,...reason being, I had to take out the impeller to repair it (customer had dropped an trailer hub in drive....under 16" snow...the WH sucked it up and bent all the flights to h###. Not happy. I have parts on shelf to replace bushings & seals in auger gear housing....my question is ...is the locking collar for main carrier bearing what holds the empeller shaft in the gear housing. That would mean total stack up of associated parts dictates how well the shaft rides in gear housing.
  11. Does anyone have or know of a service manual for a 5xi snowblower....did they make one ? Any help would be appreciated.
  12. ...last season decided to retire my 520H and bought a 522xi with blower and cab very,very low hrs....my problem is down pressure(esp on gravel driveways untill a good freeze has set in) with the very heavy blower....I added washers to the pick up shaft to get more height ( to load into cargo trailer) this really don't affect down pressure to much.I know you can adjust the threaded pick up arms that work with the hyd cylinder but I go from gravel to concrete to ashphalt...and need down pressure at the end of driveways for getting down where original driveway was (thanks to road commission doing there job) on my 520 I let the blower just float and it worked fine....most of the time....but the skid shoes would still sink in on some driveways....I thought of fabricating some wider shoes with uhmw polyethylene base to ride up on gravel and not leave scrape marks on customers driveways.....but concerned about gravel build up on turns......any suggestions would be appreciated...this is commercial application. I wish these units had a adj hyd stop that was handy. We
  13. Did you ever finish the joystick operated shute deflector and gear driven shute turner...thinking about doing this on my XI.....any sources and schematics would be appreciated.

  14. Redisbest

    Wheelhorse 522xi

    Will a 5xi plow blade work with the snow cab.....Seems there would be interference with cab mount on floorboard with angle adj lever...photos anyone ?
  15. Redisbest

    WH snowblade for D series

    Complete 56" plow for D series wheelhorse, everything works,very straight...Photos upon request. 200.00 or best offer.. ?