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  1. Achto


    Awesome job on the cup!! Thank you for doing this give away. Please count me in on it.
  2. Achto

    No fishing till April

    Took my last open water trip for the year last weekend. Water temp was at 47 degrees on Fri & dropped 2 more degrees on Sat. I'll be putting my boat in hibernation soon, then it will be time to dust off the ice fishing gear.
  3. I keep telling Jim @WHX21 that creative minds work best in "organized chaos". Although my shop has gotten out of hand, currently you have to back in if you want walk out.
  4. Achto

    A-60 Pics

    You just can't settle with an odd number, can you?
  5. Achto


    A little read on giant puffball mushrooms. https://www.mushroom-appreciation.com/puffball-mushrooms.html
  6. Achto

    Commando 8 VS Commando V8

    I believe that '73 was the only year for no names.
  7. Achto

    K341AS ID question

    Could it be possible that you could still order a direct replacement K series in '88?
  8. Yep, brand new switch was installed about 2 weeks ago, along with a new starter relay. Before I installed the switch I checked the placement of the terminals on it in comparison to the wires in the plug.
  9. Achto

    Hello from NW Arkansas

  10. This is a great idea. I might even one up it by disconnecting the + wire on the coil & run the ignition power off of a separate battery all together. Thanks to @WHX21 I happen to have some small 12v batteries that will work great for this experiment. No worries Richard.
  11. I believe that the only place that there would be a diode would be inside of the regulator/rectifier. There wouldn't be any on the stator, if there was it would not produce AC power. A bad diode in the reg/rec should have been corrected when I replaced that part. I thought about installing another diode in the B+ wire, but I think that the reg/rec will not produce DC power without seeing some DC power. An in line diode would not allow voltage back to the reg. Gotta admit, this is one of the strangest thing I've had to trouble shoot. I truly appreciate the ideas & comments, I'm trying really hard not to get locked in by tunnel vision on this one. You guys are giving me some great things to check & try.
  12. I have not tried that yet. The B+ wire goes directly from the regulator, (which is mounted under the hood on the dash pedestal) to the ignition switch. It is mostly out in the open & doesn't appear to have any damage. The AC wires do go behind the tins, but I would think that if they were damages they would short out weather they are hooked to the regulator or not.
  13. Achto

    Berlin, WI Show

    Sorry Jim, I forgot to get a pic of our whole line up also.
  14. Achto

    Happy Birthday Deadguy

    Happy Birthday!! Hope it's a great one.