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    1988 312-8 worker mower
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  1. I finally got a chance to play with my tig welder and make my exhaust. 2.5" 304 stainless with header wrap on it for heat. Lots of stuff to try snaking 2.5" pipe around and out of the way.
  2. fast88pu

    Boosting Horses

    It's fun but too fast for doing that kinda stuff. Talk about trailer sway at 25 mph lol
  3. fast88pu

    Boosting Horses

    I've seen that tractor before. Hauls wood like an animal.
  4. fast88pu

    Boosting Horses

    That's what you'll have to drink to be crazy enough to ride it when done
  5. I'll let you guys wonder what's next for a custom
  6. Header is all warped up now to hold heat in
  7. Tig and wig are the same
  8. The original plan was to tig it but the rods didn't show up in time for me. So that will be next time.
  9. That is all mig welded with 308 wire. It takes a lot of heat and I didn't use the tri blend of gas on it so harder yet. Now I have a tig welder for next time I weld stainless. Aluminum is much harder to weld because of spool gun use.
  10. This past weekend I ran my towns local tractor parade with it. I was asked lots of questions about it and had a lot of interest in it by all ages.
  11. fast88pu

    1974 B-80 original

    Yes it is. Pm me if interested.
  12. NEW header is all mounted an it turning blue and gold
  13. fast88pu

    Vintage Trucks

    Well to start off. My 1988 that my dad bought new in the fall of 87. It only has 90k on it now. Then my 1994 that I got in 06 with 60k on it. And my newest the 99 gmc with 125k. And I also had a 92 red w/t 1500 with 200+k on it