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  1. Spareparts

    What are these?

    Don't discard the camshaft, the pullers with the K-341's like that shaft, a little more lift than the stock 341's. Check Brian Millers web site, might be worth a little change.
  2. Spareparts

    Seafoam. Your thoughts

    Lucky here, we can get eathonal free gas in 93 octane, that is what I run in my pulling tractor and all of my lawn equipt. They start better and actually have more power. On the pullers I have been running the same engines for 6 yrs. with an ocasionay plug (E3's) change and valve adj. They are all Kohler's 301 & 341's
  3. Spareparts

    Suggestions please.

    Have not seen any hitches ready made for WH, but check out the thread "Need A Pulling Hitch" Their is examples there
  4. Spareparts

    Need Pulling hitch

    Check out post #6, that is exactly what you need
  5. Spareparts

    Need Pulling hitch

    I like Tony's hitch better, only change I would make is the hitch hole, round and closer to the diff, very simple design I am going to look mine over and probally redeisgn eliminate the angle uprights, your only pulling on the all thread anyway good looking hitch.
  6. Spareparts

    Need Pulling hitch

    I used the boss in the bottom of the diff that the draw bar attached to for the bottom mount made a couple of tabs for the pin to slide thru and welded a piece of 3/8" X 2" flat bar across them 2 vertical 2"X2"X1/8" angle iron with a 1/4" plate welded on. This plate extended over the top of my diff where their were 2- 3/8"X16 holes, that is where I mounted the tpo plate to. Then the standard 3/4" all thread upright's for the hitch plate to be mounted to. When I did mine I welded the bottom nut on the all thread and the top nut was just pulled down tight, well it got loose and fell off and got me DQ,ed, it got welded to. The hitch plate is 3/8" and has a 1-1/2" hole that is offset towards the diff with only about 1/2" of meat by the diff. You want the hook point as close to the diff as possible, The 3/4" all thread has 6 nuts on each side 2 on top 2 on bottom and one on each side of the hitch plate. It is a vary basic hitch and strong as hell, been using it for 6 years and no problem.
  7. Spareparts

    Rear end strength questions

    I'am glad this came up, I am thinking of dropping back to a 4 speed , less gears equalls to less drag Can I put 1 1/8" axles in the 4 speed and can I use the 8 pinion diff out of the 8 speed. Thought about doing some experiamenting (SP) and picking up a 4 speed to learn with, but if someone has done this that would be cheaper. We have a speed limit so I only use 2nd gear @ 3000 rpm in the lighter classes and 4000rpm in the fast classes. What are your thoughts.
  8. pfrederi nailed it and now I know what they call that part in the end of the cranfshaft pulley, Clawnut, learn something new every time I get on here. If you noticed on the Toyota bumper that tab with the hole and the slots in it, that is for the crank to slide thru and also support the crank, that way it wont be floping around I don't think you will have to worry about the crank kicking back on that Briggs, looks like about a 8hp motor. That was a problem with the old tractors with pistong the size of 3lb coffee cans Lots of broken thumbs and wrists with that going's on.
  9. Spareparts

    How do you fix a gas tank? And my new purchase...

    Good to see some local guys on here, I live over in Lansing. Randy are you related to the Litterell's that ran Fast Lane Engines raced with the owner years ago,
  10. You better slow down a bit, your getting done to quick and will have to get another Horse for the winter project never mind, getting another Horse is not a bad thing. Nice find and great work on it.
  11. I would bet the post in the back was for a umbrella, as far as the crank would be a simple fab job, check the ID of the hub nad get a cold roll bar and a couple of 90 bent in it and drill for a pin. The hub configuration is designed to push the crank out when it starts, most of the cranks are 3/4" , you could get fancy with the crank and get a piece of tube or pipe cut a couple of short pieces off to make collars. Slide them on the crank handle and weld on, that will let it spin, easier on the hand. That my friend is going to make an impressive TOY.
  12. Spareparts

    Pulling Tire recommendations please

    Deestone is the worst in my opion and their sizes seem smaller than the competion, Vogel in good right off the shelf and better when ground a little, we can "sharpen them but not alter the profile I wen't to Feldman's Farm Supply and they had a set of Carlisle 23X10.50X12 Tru Power on clearance, the sales person said they were about 3 yrs old (lost in the warehouse) and no one wanted them. $100 for the pair, I ran them to the truck , A lot goes into pulling tires, Brand, wheel width, wheel offset, tire pressure, type of track, moisture, weight placement, and most of all LUCK. I have had decent luck with Hi-Run after the first year, they seem to get harder faster than most brands.
  13. Spareparts

    Put on new ignition switch

    Seat switch might be bad or unhooked
  14. Spareparts

    Flywheel removal?

    They make a Knock-Off nut, about a 1" hex drilled partially thru and drilled and tapped to the thread pitch of the crankshaft. Just screw it down to the crankshaft and back ofa little and smack with a hammer
  15. Spareparts

    Got a John Deere today

    The wife asked me if I had $40. this morning, she said she wanted me to go pick up something for her that she got off craig list. Go to Casey,s and meet a guy named Joe in a gray Nisson P/U. Well it is Mother's Day so off I went, met him, and low and behold it was a JD lawn sprinkler tractor. She got a big laugh out of it. Well hooked it up to the hose put it in low and about 3 hrs. later it had only moved about 10', shifted to high and 3 hrs later it finally reached the end of a 50' hose. Wonder how it would look Red.