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  1. TDF5G

    White Wall tires. 1968 Indy 500

    The last post on this thread is Oct 4. I've not checked in on RS for a few weeks now. I'm catching up. No I am not asking if the whitewall tires existed. I am completely aware and familiar with the Indy Specials and the existence of the whitewall tires. The pic that I mentioned appears the tires have been painted on.
  2. TDF5G

    White Wall tires. 1968 Indy 500

    That's what I was wondering.
  3. TDF5G

    Throttle control loose

    This thread just answered my question. I've been mowing my folks place with Dad's 314-8 that has this problem. I put a small bungee cord on it to hold the lever up. Thanks.
  4. I enjoy any seat time I can get on a . But my favorite chore would have to be pushing snow.
  5. TDF5G


    Been there, done that.
  6. TDF5G

    Help identifying this machine?

    The hood decals look like they've been replaced to me. although the style does match the one on the rear. The originals should have the model number on it. It's most certainly and 8 speed and not older than 1976 because there is no hood ornament. It's not a B-80 or B-100 because of the highback seat and 23x9.50 tires. I think the C160s had tailights didn't they? So my guess is a C series 10-16 HP.
  7. TDF5G

    C-120 PTO to Deck Belt Install

    These pics may be of some help. I took these for a buddy of mine a while back to get his belt routed correctly.
  8. TDF5G

    Front End Friday

    856 non runner.
  9. TDF5G

    Blade Identification

    Thank you, sir.
  10. TDF5G

    Blade Identification

    I can't say. I saw it advertised in my area. This is the only photo that is posted. It's hard to tell the height of the blade. I don't have any personal experience with mid-mounts, or the 200 series blades. I don't think the mid-mounts are as tall as the front mount dozer blades.
  11. Is this a mid mount, or is it a front mount for the like the 200 and A series? It has a replaceable edge so I'm thinking front mount.
  12. TDF5G

    It’s Wheels and Tires Wednesday!!

    Old school WH weights I picked up at a swap meet a few years ago. I got 'em for $50 and the seller threw in a steering wheel.
  13. TDF5G

    Attachment Tuesday guys!!