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  1. Just got done sand blasting a set of rims. when I was starting to prime them and said wait I will check and see if I am using the correct primer. pulled up the technical data sheet for the stuff on line and it states that "priming is not recommended" it talks about removing loose paint and rust with wire brush / sand paper and removing gloss with sand paper. mainly it addresses top coating a already painted surface. I am 99.9% bare metal so do I still not prime? I seen a lot of talk of this prime on here have you guys primed or put it on straight out of the blaster? thanks
  2. jm46322

    My 753

    very nice looking tarctor job well done and the stack looks great too stainless exhaust cant be beat. just cant grab it anymore finish looks good from the pictures what did you use in the way of primer / paint how did you apply it? are the head lights current items or old if current can you post info / source
  3. jm46322

    new rj I picked up .

    something that pretty must even have that new tractor smell... very nice
  4. its something about that hood line paired with the round fenders that just draws me to like that style. the more replys i get the more i am talking my self into doing it or maybe getting the parts so i can put the project on the list passing up donnor parts are sometimes lifelong mistakes look.bmp what would a fair price be for this? what you see is what I get. just got to talk my self into it.
  5. DEERE site...... this same topic came up and they just used a pressure treated 2x4 did not even have to paint it ..... for that little extra they used a 4x4
  6. Neat idea! very nice write-up! This is some thing I will add to the rebuild that I am now doing. But I may need to go with 2 1/2 X 2 1/2 square tube for that little extra , extra i havent test drove my 604 under power yet to see just how the seat spring would hold up. come to tell the truth i havent even sat on it yet when the tires were not flat, some used car buyer i am. buying a tractor with 2 flat tires that would not start. i just know that i liked the looks and style, hopefully i will enjoy the ride!
  7. But if i make it go fast....... they wont have time to look and see......
  8. Just as the title reads i was thinking.... (what in its self is dangerous) but it still is a little chilly to go in the garage and start the real work i have a 654 that is getting a complete redo and a 604 with no spark and needing some tlc so i do have a little work ahead of me so why not even f dream of more.. so here it is i am laying it all on the table i am dreaming of taking some parts and building myself a tractor do you guys think this would work? first think of finding a fairly nice donor frame with a cool hood it has neat lines then add a set of these what you think looking good with the parts now a little some of this stuff is there any way that i could end up with this not really sure what the first one is but i really like the 1045 and as the saying goes "if you cant find one build one."
  9. jm46322

    Help ID a Cultivator.

    pm sent check your in box neat part about this one is it fits under tractor it wont take up more floor space in storage
  10. jm46322

    hiller yardhand

    Matt thats like a roll of life savers.... one in each color and then it repeats, very cool collection by far the largest i have seen and your correct they are very easy and fun to drive almost like it has power steering, just smooth and easy riding not sure about yours but i love the sound of mine
  11. join the club i ended up going from zero to 2 round hoods in about 30 days also. you ended up with 2 nice ones congrats ! i am sure that time spent with your son will make those menories that last for ever. my son and i are in process of redoing one of them and making it a hybred and one is staying barn fresh after some mechinical repairs i see that your from nw indiana the power show is july 10-12 this year at the crown point fair grounds sounds like we both need to get busy if we are going to make it.
  12. making snow removal that easy gives you lot of time to: assemble a cool electronic dash boards make videos showing off electronic dash board buy more tractors...
  13. jm46322

    hiller yardhand

    yes the best strange looks are when people find out that it has no brakes and it was sold that way. could think of buying something today with out brakes... not only am i going to bypass my seat switch i am also going to disable my brakes too
  14. jm46322

    hiller yardhand

    here are a few pictures of my first collector tractor that i picked up around 16 or so years ago... it turns alot of heads when it comes out of the shed and makes it to a show. i got it out of a garage sale, at the time for my son to drive. my son is 18 yo and is building a 654 to carry on the tradition
  15. jm46322

    6-12 tires.

    thats a great deal i would take a set was that a local store or internet