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    1968 Commando 8 with snow thrower
    1973 12 - 8speed
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  1. rjg854

    Talk to me about the 856 model...

    Desirable to me because I was born in August 1954.......8/54
  2. rjg854

    Wheel Horse C-121 + Trailer ( Pictures )

    The tractor looks great, the trailer is very well constructed, just the wrong color
  3. rjg854

    Talk to me about the 856 model...

    That style of is my favorite along with my 854. Even the 854 is the same, the only difference is the sheet metal.
  4. rjg854

    Talk to me about the 856 model...

    My 68 Commando 8 is basically the same also
  5. rjg854

    Talk to me about the 856 model...

    Dozer blade, disc, wagon, snow blower, rotor tiller, harrow. Just about any attachments Wheel Horse made you can use on that tractor.
  6. rjg854

    Happy Birthday Lowell

    Happy Birthday wishes and greetings
  7. rjg854

    Happy Birthday James

    hope your Birthday wish comes true Can you blow out that many candles
  8. rjg854

    Suburban seat covers

    She does great work and even do variations
  9. On Facebook there is a page, Wheel Horse Garden Tractors and Parts, a person on there has new scraper bars for sale. Not priced to bad. So there might be another option . .
  10. rjg854

    Happy Birthday Jeb!

    Hope your day is turning out just how you want it to You can have your cake and eat it too
  11. rjg854

    Happy Birthday Brian!

    Hope your day is all you want it to be, only comes around once a year ya know.