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  1. rjg854

    SS blower clogged up solid tonight

    All I'll say is I've never had much luck with slushy snow or really wet heavy snow.
  2. rjg854

    Finally Some Snow!

    Looks like a great time, we've got 8-12 coming over night. So I'll get my 1st chance of the season. Really looking forward to it too.
  3. rjg854


    My thermos is older than you
  4. Great place to gather, it's no surprise that it has been around this long . And with the way it's run and managed and the members it should be here another 12
  5. Make it mechanically sound, clean it up to your liking, and use it like it was meant to be used. Unless you want a show piece, paint won't make it run better
  6. rjg854

    New carb Or Kit ?

    I tend to like using a kit. I've had fairly decent luck rebuilding them. I did put a new carb on the 16 Automatic but that was because the PO put one on, but it worked backwards. It looked as tho the choke was being used, and it bugged me.
  7. rjg854

    Snowblower lift tube

    The one I just installed on mine has a slight bend it, (like a banana) I imagine that it is designed that way. let me also add, not sure how you're trying to install it, but the bend is up, The flat stock with the hole in it that attaches to the blower is on the bottom of the bar.
  8. Set up 2 of the tractors for snow duty This should keep it from snowing to early if I'm ready for it
  9. rjg854

    I was sooooooo tempted.....

    I like the colors of green and yellow together, but that's just not right
  10. rjg854

    Plow On

    Here they are
  11. rjg854

    Barn find 1047

    Sorry to hear of your trials and tribulations. That's he way it happens sometimes as you probably well know. Sounds as though when your done, IT WILL BE right. And you can be very happy and proud of that. It's a good looking tractor.
  12. The previous owner of my 854 had the gas tank welded also, I've never had a problem with any leaks. So I'd say go for it.
  13. rjg854

    Plow On

    That's my plan for the weekend, set up the 68 Commando 8 for plow duties and the 16 Automatic for throwing snow. Pictures of course will follow when done.